Pastor Full Time

@ Kingman First SBC
  • Kingman, Arizona View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Salary Range: $60,000
  • Date Posted: 29 October 2019
  • Application Closed
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    Job Description

    First Southern Baptist Church, Kingman, Arizona is 75 years old, averages about 200 combined in two morning worship services. The church is active in the River Valley Mission Network (association) and Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. First Southern is committed to biblical teaching and preaching. The church is committed to the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. No matter the pastor’s theological leanings on debatable topics within conservative theology, the church does not wish to become embroiled in the Reformed debate.

    The church mirrors Arizona demographics. The adult Sunday school program is strong; the children’s program is weak due to few younger families. Worship services reflect the same ratio. Pastoral leadership must be able to attract young families while honoring all generations.

    Kingman is 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas (airport of choice) and 180 miles northwest of Phoenix. Kingman is home to 30,000 people. Kingman weather averages 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix due to Kingman’s elevation of 3,500’. Rain is seasonal; snow is rare. Housing prices are favorable.

    First Southern Baptist Church, Kingman, AZ, is seeking a full-time SBC educated and experienced pastor who will lead a mature church by reaching young families while honoring all generations. The pastor will lead a small staff, oversee a multi-building campus, and administrate a $500,000 budget. The pastor will follow a 25-year pastorate and a 1½-year transition.

    A non-FSBC affiliated K-8 private Christian school occupies a large dedicated space on the church campus. The pastor will assist the FSBC liaison with church-school business relations (facilities rental, policies, etc.)

    First Southern is offering a salary package of $60,000; in addition, family healthcare and retirement are provided. As with all ordained pastors, this is a self-employment situation with the pastor responsible for all taxes.


    Please be sure you meet the qualifications below prior to the submittal of documents.
    The closing date for submission is November 10, or when a candidate is called to First Southern.

    Following a 25-year pastorate and one-year interlude, First Southern Baptist Church is seeking a pastor with a
    documented Southern Baptist background, education, and pastoral leadership.

    Please send a maximum one-page cover letter and a maximum two-page resume.
    Please send a separate page with references; be sure your name is on the reference page.

    Your one-page cover letter needs to include the following:
    Evidence of vibrant walk with Christ with a statement of conversion and baptism by immersion
    Evidence of good reputation within the church and community
    Evidence of at least twenty years active membership in SBC churches (one or two sentences)
    Evidence of current activity in SBC association and state convention events (one or two sentences)
    Statement of agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message (one sentence)
    Evidence of ability to administrate $500,000 budget, multiple staff, and multiple buildings
    Evidence of ability to honor the older generation while leading the church to reach young families

    Your two-page resume needs to include the following:
    Ordination date and church (include contact information)
    Minimum five years as senior/lead pastor of SBC church
    List major assignments, major accomplishments, and skillset used
    Other church staff or significant secular leadership positions
    List major assignments, major accomplishments, and skillset used
    Undergraduate degree (does not need to be from an SBC institution)
    Graduate degree(s) from SBC or SBC-related seminary

    Your one-page reference list needs to include the following:
    Six references (outside your church if necessary for confidentiality) with name, phone, relationship
    In addition to the first six, please include your DOM (DOEM, AMS) and one state convention person

    Please include links or CDs/DVDs with two audio or video messages

    Candidates under consideration will submit 3-5 additional references from their church at the appropriate time
    Candidates under consideration will submit a background check

    Application deadline closed.

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