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Job Description

KirkWood is a warm and welcoming congregation; we’re a sound group with spiritually mature individuals as well as relative newcomers to Christianity. We need a leader who can focus our gifts and resources, nurture the faith of all our congregants, teach us Biblical truths, and lead in a way that will also challenge us. We are a congregation that strongly wishes to stay relevant in the community. We need a pastor that will act as a catalyst to help us refresh our vitality and vision, and one that will encourage us to push our boundaries and try new directions to accomplish our mission. Our vision and core membership are strong, but we desire leadership to help us to continue marching bravely (if differently) towards our vision and future, as well as leadership that will help us continue to serve Christ even when there are no easy answers.

Our pastor will be personally spiritually mature, also having experience leading congregants. We are looking for a gifted leader, teacher and partner who will challenge us to grow and achieve our mission by gently encouraging us to step outside our comfort zones, appreciating new dimensions of God’s grace both as recipients and agents.

Our new pastor should appreciate that we are a strong family with ties that go back decades in many cases. We are just as welcoming to our newcomers, and we seek a person who wants to be part of the family, not just a facilitator – a person with Christ at the center of his/her heart who is gifted to work for us as well as with us and among us. We seek a person who can contextualize our current structure and function, acknowledge our high level of functionality, steer us away from complacency, and help us to identify challenges as well as opportunities. We would especially value a leader who will celebrate the uniqueness of individuals while unifying the community to become the hands and feet of Jesus. The pastor will build strong connections with all people; young and old, individuals and families, so that we can work together to build paths from where people are now to fuller relationships with God.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Worship leadership – prepare weekly sermons; lead multiple worship services, contemporary and traditional; develop series/themes within the context of the local/global church; communicate and collaborate with staff and volunteers for cohesive liturgical and educational programs; effectively use technology such as slides, pictures, videos, etc.
  • Pastoral – provide spiritual counseling; officiate at weddings and funerals; visit sick and homebound; celebrate the sacraments of baptism and communion
  • Presbytery of Eastern Virginia – attend presbytery meetings; remain up-to-date and communicate with session and congregation on larger church happenings, issues and opportunities
  • Session – moderate meetings; facilitate devotionals and discipleship; help to develop new leaders and members; encourage leadership and service; identify areas of organizational improvement; assist in financial management and stewardship
  • Head of staff – guide/encourage/nurture full and part time staff within job description duties; offer suggestions for improving/streamlining stated responsibilities; hold regular staff meetings
  • Congregational/mission – participate in service, fellowship, outreach, and Christian education events; engage and build relationships with youth and young families
  • Visionkeeper – subject to the Spirit’s guidance, coach a broadening yet cohesive vision for KirkWood’s deployment of present gifts of service to the needs of our community.
Application deadline closed.

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