Pastor Full Time

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Job Description


1. PROCLAMATION OF THE WORD: The word of God is preached with urgency and conviction, bringing it to bear on the changing needs of individuals, the community, and the world. High priority of pastor’s time placed on sermon preparation.

2. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT OF MEMBERS: Pastor shares members’ struggles regarding the Christian faith, with opportunity provided for individuals and groups to reflect on beliefs, concerns, doubts regarding Christian understanding of the spiritual dimensions of life.

3. HOSPITAL OR EMERGENCY VISITATION: Those in hospitals or emergency situations are regularly visited; network developed to keep pastor and others informed of crisis situations; needs of ill or bereaved are met.

4. CONGREGATIONAL FELLOWSHIP: Emphasis placed in developing fellowship, helping members to know one another; groups encouraged which give members the opportunity to love and support one another.

5. EVANGELISM: Pastor and congregation share faith in Christ as personal Savior in total lifestyle; seek to lead others within and outside the Church to accept Jesus Christ; congregation is informed, trained, helped to establish effective evangelism programs for the church.

6. TEACHING RESPONSIBILITY: Pastor accepts an active teaching role, interpreting and teaching the Scriptures, theological concepts, history of the Church and current events; provides instruction for Church Officers; educational leaders, and confirms new members.


Required skills

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