Pastor of Pastoral Care Part time

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  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 11 June 2022
  • Application closes: 30 September 2022
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    Job Description

    The Pastor of Pastoral Care serves by providing the leadership and resources necessary to ensure that all members, visitors and pastoral referrals of the Church receive proper pastoral care on an ongoing basis relative to their need and life situation. This pastor works on the Shepherding Team of Briarwood Presbyterian Church and reports directly to the Shepherding Team Pastor. He also serves as a Congregational Community Pastor in at least one of the Congregational Communities and serves on the Staff Leadership Team.

    EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE – Master of Divinity Seminary degree preferred; ordained or ordainable in the PCA; Church Pastoral Ministry experience, which would include pastoral care ministry.

    SKILLS – Caring for those in need – equipped and effective in pastoral care;
    Leadership/Administration – organizational and management skills to lead others to care for those in need; Personal Relational Skills – compassion for and initiate to serve those who need care; Communication – strong in verbal and written communication; Computer literacy – basic typing and computer skills necessary to work in a Windows environment.

    A. Oversee and Direct the Pastoral Care Ministry of Briarwood Presbyterian Church.
    • A primary responsibility is to make personal visits and/or telephone calls to ensure that all pastoral care needs of the church are being met.
    • Coordinate visits through his department, the Congregational Community Ministry, Lay Pastors and others to care for those in need.
    • Help plan and perform funerals, memorial services or anointing services.
    • Make sure your team maintains an up-to-date hospital list and that it is distributed daily.
    • Pastoral Care department will maintain accurate records concerning the sick, dying, bereaved, disabled, the infirmed, homebound,                widowed, or those experiencing other life crises, to help assure that no need is overlooked.
    • Maintain a communications network for the Church to ensure that members and their immediate family will receive prompt and courteous      care in the event of their requiring pastoral attention. This includes being on call for any Church pastoral care need unless another pastor      has been specifically assigned that responsibility for that time period.
    • Provide information, support and training in pastoral care for lay pastors, community pastors, elders and any others seeking to shepherd        the flock through life circumstances.
    • Coordinate the distribution of Communion to the homebound on a regular basis.
    • Develop teams who will minister to those in need of pastoral care.
    o Lay pastors: recruit, train and deploy gifted and called men who can minister in pastoral care situations. Meet monthly with the Lay                 Pastors.
    o Grace Ministry: resource, encourage and help direct this team of widows who feel called to minister to other widows in their time of                 need. Meet with monthly.
    o Develop, resource and encourage other teams as needed for pastoral care.

    • Administrate the Pastoral Care Department.
    o Supervise the activities of the administrative assistant or others assigned to help with the pastoral care function.
    o Prepare budgets for approval and monitor them on an ongoing basis.
    • Attend any Shepherding Pastor’s Team, Shepherding Team Commission, Session and other meeting where representation by the Pastoral    Care Department would be required or be beneficial for the church.
    • Keep the Church leadership apprised of significant pastoral care needs of members or their families.

    B. Serve as a Community Pastor to at least one Congregational Community.
    • Provide pastoral shepherding leadership for a Congregational Community, alongside the elders and lay leadership of that Congregational      Community.
    • Ensure that the pastoral care needs of the Congregational Community are met including making personal visits and calls as needed.
    • Seek to develop a personal relationship with each family in the Community.
    • Teach, counsel and shepherd the congregation as seems appropriate.

    C. Perform other Staff Functions.
    • Faithfully attend and be engaged in Worship Services, Sunday School, MidWeek Studies, Church-wide events and all other events                required for pastoral staff.
    • Represent the Senior Pastor or Church at certain events when called on to do so.
    • Teach, counsel, disciple, mentor and lead small groups on a regular basis as time is available.
    • Be involved in Presbytery matters to the extent practicable.
    • Keep up to date on the latest pastoral care matters through reading of books, periodicals and attendance at seminars, conferences, etc.        that would be of value.
    • Serve in other capacities as assigned.

    Application closes: September 30, 2022

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