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    Job Description

    The person who is open to serving shall be supportive of Southminster traditions but also bring new ideas and experiences for sharing and implementing at Southminster. He/She shall have a deep knowledge of The Word of God as well as be able to apply their knowledge in today’s terms to reach a variety of people from many walks of life.

    Southminister is in need of a leader that will :

    ● Support all members of the church with personal, regular outreach and contact ● Maintain normal pastoral duties, counseling and functions of a minister

    ● Guide the formulation of our Mission Study, and its process and strategy that develop into accurate submittable results

    ● Share messages to teach and enhance the spiritual growth of all that hear and hope to receive the messages

    ● Attract and encourage new members to engage with the church, join faith education sessions and visit the church regularly, including via new ideas and strategies

    ● Forge a real brotherly/sisterly kinship with other area and valley ministers, especially those of local, minority congregations of ALL types of faiths

    ● Work harmoniously and in support of church auxiliaries/organizations of the church and assist them in reaching their goals and targets

    ● Seek to mentor or assist the search (talent acquisition) for roles at the church that are currently critical and vital but unfilled

    ● Consider world, state, and local affairs as they impact the congregation and the community-at-large and be well-informed of the Presbyterian and Jesus’ response to modern challenges and complex global issues

    ● Possess a demeanor that is forthright, kind, listens to other viewpoints, models giving, values unity and is of good intentions in all interactions with the church family, visitors and all who they encounter, in the name of Southminster Presbyterian Church

    Application deadline closed.

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