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    Job Description

    Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church is located in Milwaukee near the spectacular
    shoreline of Lake Michigan.
    Believing in a spacious Christianity through which grace cultivates hope, healing and purpose, Tippe Church is open and affirming, where everybody is welcome and can grow, ask questions, have doubts and walk with others. We lovingly refer to ourselves as “Soulful Misfits”.
    As Pastor, you will receive support of a community of believers, doubters, thinking doers and pray-ers who are changing lives in visible ways.
    For example:
    Living Waters Contemplative Life Center provides spiritual expansion through classes, retreats and healing arts practitioners.
    Divine Intervention Ministry now supports people without homes with nine connected ministries throughout the year.
    Arts Science Literacy Camp provides educational ministry for disadvantaged children through innovative ‘camp’ formats.
    Another Tippe annual project is “Tippe Gardens” which includes 38 raised garden beds as well as a rooftop garden. Collectively, the gardens provide more than 3500 pounds of vegetables annually. These veggies are given to an organization that distributes them to families in need.
    As a member of PCUSA, Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church is a welcoming, affirming congregation blessing all in life…in marriage and in singleness and in leadership.
    If all of this sounds exciting to you, please prayerfully ponder your spiritual career
    path toward us.
    To apply, send resume, with a cover letter and/or PIF to the email.

    Application closes: July 31, 2021

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