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Job Description

Trinity’s congregation seeks to remain faithful to its more than half century commitment to love one another, pray in Jesus’ name, honor the Bible, live with grace, come alongside those in need in our congregation, community, and beyond. We are seeking a pastor who will partner with us in developing our church’s future.

We seek a caring and enthusiastic Pastor who:
* Has a passion for Jesus Christ and making Him Known,
* Is comfortable working collaboratively with a strong Session, Board of Deacons, staff, and volunteers.
* Will provide pastoral care leadership for the Congregation including hospital and in-home visits.
* Can connect to all ages in the congregation.
* Willing to support outreach/ mission trips.

Our Pastor must embrace living and serving God in Alaska. If married, our Pastor’s spouse and family will need to be comfortable with a decision to relocate to Alaska.

We wish to grow as effective disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek a pastor who can evaluate our opportunities for growth and assist us in developing programs to strengthen our church family within the PCUSA.  We desire a spiritual leader who will preach the truth of the word of God found in the Bible and encourages both congregational and personal spiritual growth, empowered by renewal in the Holy Spirit. That as individuals and as a church family, we will become more like Jesus in our thoughts, words and actions. We wish to grow as disciples of Jesus to share the love of God with all who come through our church doors and with those in our community who may not know the love of God.

The ideal candidate:
Loves God with all their heart, mind and soul.
Is guided by Scripture and the Holy Spirit and prayerfully pours out to the service of others.
Preaches inspirationally from the heart.
Is aware of changes within the Church society and is informed by them.
Leads by example with an “open door policy” in modeling God’s love, grace, and forgiveness in all interactions with others.
Empowers and encourages teamwork as we work together to achieve our vision and ministry goals.
Leads with compassion, example, and teaching, rather than by directive.
Builds bridges and seeks consensus.
Has an optimistic perspective, with a great love for children and youth, and easily interacts with them.
Accepts and honors constructive criticism and differing opinions.
Welcomes congregation and visitors with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Main Pastoral Responsibilities:
Administer sacraments, conduct weddings & funerals, and be a presence before and after services.
Pray, preach, participate in outreach and the life of the congregation.
Provide guidance to Session, Deacons, and Congregation in working through PCUSA matters.
Manage communication between staff, Session, Deacons, members, non-members, and visitors, so that all feel connected and supported.
Oversee Christian education for all ages.

Shared Responsibilities with Session and Board of Deacons:
Share mutual accountability for planning of church activities.
Together with Session, join in revitalizing Home Group programs
Build upon Trinity’s interactions to promote youth activities with other churches, local schools, and organizations.
Support a welcoming nursery ministry that nurtures infants and toddlers, while encouraging parents and young families.
Expand outreach to visitors and new members encouraging them to become strong disciples of Jesus Christ.
Encourage new attendees’ participation at Trinity and nurture their Christian growth.

Application deadline closed.

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