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    Job Description

    The Principal of Cornerstone Christian Academy will bear the responsibility for the total spiritual and educational program of the school.  The Principal will uphold the values and doctrinal precepts of First Christian Church of Brazil, Indiana.  Mature Christian character is an essential element for success in this crucial role.

    Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:

    Responsible for the effective administration of the overall program of Cornerstone Christian Academy.

    • Duties relating to the School Board include:
    • Attending and participating in all Board meetings, advising them on all issues relating to the school (Policies, Programs, Practices, Personnel, Problems, Curriculum)
    • Efficiently implementing all school policies and standards as approved by the board
    • Preparing and proposing an annual budget and presenting monthly financial reports along with a monthly report at each meeting
    • Reporting on teacher performances and making recommendations concerning contract renewals
    • Preparing contracts for the staff and having them signed by the School Board President
    • Preparing a monthly report for the Elders of FCC with the monthly financial report

    Duties relating to School Activities include:

    • Arranging chapel speakers, special programs and assemblies
    • Approving all classroom speakers, extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.
    • Substitute teaching in an emergency
    • Directing library activities and services
    • Directing computer activities and services
    • Advising proper personnel as to maintenance and custodial needs
    • Conducting fire and tornado drills as required by law
    • Collecting background checks for all employees

    Duties relating to Students and Parents include:

    • assembling, storing and when requested, forwarding cumulative records of all students
    • coordinating annual testing program (Iowa Assessments) and reviewing grades and test results
    • handling discipline problems as referred by teachers
    • providing appropriate academic, social, and spiritual counseling as needed
    • interviewing prospective students and their parents
    • assigning students to the proper classes
    • maintaining an open line of communication with parents
    • listening to complaints and problems, advising parents of the proper channels for resolution
    • preparing and sending out Report Cards
    • preparing Honor Roll list for the paper and website

    Duties relating to Teachers and Staff include:

    • interviewing prospective teachers and support staff, making recommendations concerning their employment to the School Board
    • assigning grade level or subject material, and approving extracurricular responsibilities for teachers and staff
    • conducting regular meetings with the teachers and directing in-service training and orientation
    • continually evaluating all teachers and staff, offering encouragement, support and/or correction as necessary
    • arranging for substitute teachers and aides
    • help teachers by working with students with special needs

    Duties relating to Finances and Public relations include:

    • Overseeing all monetary deposits (tuition, lunch money and donations)
    • Billing and collecting tuition (including issuing receipts)
    • Administrating all teacher and staff purchase requests
    • Conducting end-of-year inventories (books, consumable materials, curriculum, supplies, equipment)
    • Order textbooks, workbooks, curriculum
    • Overseeing the announcements/newsletters/lunch menu
    • Overseeing the promotion of school events and accomplishments through news media, email, website and FB posts
    • Conducting an annual Cornerstone Day at FCC
    • Overseeing any fund-raising activities of the school
    • Bi-monthly welcome at FCC

    Other duties include:

    • Serving on the Parent-Teacher League
    • Evaluating equipment
    • Overseeing maintenance throughout the building
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