Senior Pasto Part time

@ Calvary Presbyterian Church
  • Willow Grove, Pennsylvania View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 7 July 2021
  • Application closes: 31 October 2021
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    Job Description

    The Senior Pastor shall be responsible to provide leadership in the overall life and ministry of the church with a focus on preaching, teaching, gathering, leading groups, and training of officers and volunteers. We are seeking a man who is spiritual and visionary and able to coordinate ministry activities and communicate well with our congregation.

    Reports To Session & Eastern PA Presbytery

    Personal Profile
    Age: 35 to 55

    Experience: 5 to 7 years of experience as an Associate or Senior Pastor


    Whether he is an introvert or extrovert, we want him to function as an extrovert in pastoral situations

    We want him to view conflict as a Godordained opportunity for believers to trust the Lord, and be motivated to resolve not avoid

    We want him to desire to work as a team player with others and not as a lone ranger

    We want him to be both an initiator and receptive to other points of view,
    expressing which one is appropriate as the situation dictates


    We are looking for a man who leads by:

    Biblical example: Who doesn’t avoid conflict, isn’t a peoplepleaser; is willing to stop a personal agenda being imposed on the Session; likes to sell his ideas; knows when to include the congregation

    Disposition: Is decisive, inspires others toward a vision; gets the Session to initiate; knows the congregation needs to be committed and involved

    Character: Is mature in Christ, beyond reproach, and fulfills the moral/ethical calling of an elder

    Style: Can facilitate multiple ministries without micromanaging; manages by engaged involvement, delegates and followsup; listens to and inspires others; builds a team; doesn’t feel overly responsible to fix everything

    Delegate: Delegating the administration of the church; understands how to maintain a balance between the church as institution and church as organism while keeping his primary focus on Word ministry


    1. Corporate Worship Service(s)
    Planning and leadership of the morning (and, if applicable, evening) worship
    services of CPC

    Primary preaching responsibilities (approximately 40 times per year)

    Preaching and teaching ability that includes faithful biblical exegesis and
    memorable personal and corporate application of God’s Word with enthusiasm, excitement, and passion.

    2. Teaching
    Take an active role in teaching adult Sunday School and identify and develop staff and lay teachers

    Train and mentor small group leaders with the goal of developing CPC’s small group ministry

    Oversee twiceannual new member’s class and provide training through
    confirmation of content and support of leaders

    Shepherd elders and their families including discipleship relationship and mentoring relationship in shepherding

    3. Session
    Moderation of session meetings of the church including setting of the agenda and delegating of tasks which the session has agreed to undertake

    Encourage and coach the session in the spiritual oversight of the church and its members

    Organize and lead periodic Session retreats for study, nourishment, and fellowship

    Provide annual Pastor Review of fulfillment of duties and satisfaction with his role

    4. Staff
    Moderation of weekly staff meetings of the employees of the church

    Lead regular discussions of how each staff member’s work and ministry fulfills the mission and vision of CPC and provide oversight for ongoing ministry and new initiatives

    Provide quarterly reviews of staff’s fulfillment of duties and satisfaction with their role

    Ensure ministry leader oversight is occurring through the Session and staff, and support the Session and staff in this as needed

    5. Vision
    Communicate the vision of the church to the congregation through sermons,
    sermon applications, and ministry opportunities

    Plan and lead quarterly town hall/congregational meetings (in addition to the annual congregational meeting) that update the congregation and gain support for existing and new ministry endeavors and discuss the mission and vision of the church

    6. Visitation
    Development of an overall plan (with the Session) of shepherding and visitation of church members and encourage and train elders to do so

    Ensure visitation of shutins every two months either by personal visit or delegation to elder, deacon, or Visitation Team 

    Hospital calls as necessary

    7. Spiritual Growth

    Be available to team leaders and Bible Study leaders and offer coaching

    Responsible for confirming that the ministries and programs of the church are supporting the church’s vision for discipleship

    Encourage, participate, and provide opportunities for prayer individually as well as corporately through prayer meetings and developing Prayer Teams

    8. Church Officers

    Identify and train new elders and deacons with the goal of at least one new elder and one new deacon every two years

    Identify potential future candidates for church office and facilitate mentorship

    Periodic attendance at Deacons meetings and be available if attendance is requested

    Responsibility for facilitating communication and cooperation between the Deacons and the Session.

    9. Associate Pastor

    Collaborate with Associate Pastor in the life of the church and every facet of ministry
    ● Provide direction and mentoring for the ongoing development of the Associate Pastor’s gifts and calling

    ● Delegation of aspects of pastoral ministry in which help is needed

    ● Regular evaluation of the division of labor with the Associate Pastor

    ● Weekly meeting with Associate Pastor to review ministry and plan strategy

    10. Personal

    ● Saturday and one weekday off per week

    ● Four weeks of vacation annually

    ● Three months sabbatical after seven years of service (or equivalent if not

    ● Representation of the church at Presbytery and General Assembly of the PCA

    ● Expected to attend at least one other conference per year that would assist in carrying out the duties of Senior Pastor (at Church expense)

    ● Must be in a mentorship / discipleship relationship with somebody encouraging, feeding, and providing accountability.
    Application closes: October 31, 2021

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