Senior Pastor Full Time

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Job Description

A wise man once said, “The only thing a pastor wants to do by him or herself is to write a sermon and possibly a Bible study.” We are excited about the opportunity to grow our faith and Christian involvement with a committed leader/partner/pastor. We look forward to joyful worship experiences led by our pastors and supported by the many talents and dedicated accomplishments of our members and partner groups. Our associate pastor, staff and Session are eager to work with the pastor God has chosen for us in order to continue to discover and carry out God’s vision for us and for our world. Our committees, programs and partner groups will greatly appreciate our new pastor’s ideas and guidance. We believe that this person’s theological preparation, experiences, ability to effectively guide, and willingness to walk the path WITH us will ensure growth one step at a time. We are ready to plan strategically and carry out that plan with the leadership of the Session and the pastor who are as dedicated to expanding our Christian service as we are.

Since all aspects of our vision for ministry are dependent upon a spirit of involvement, our new pastor needs to thrive in team situations. We need a strong partner in our quest to focus our energy as a congregation on expanding outreach, deepening discipleship and better supporting the needs of all ages. Our church family will greatly appreciate learning new ways to serve and exploring the Bible in greater depth from a pastor who is a skilled preacher, teacher and trainer. The senior pastor’s ability to work closely and in partnership with our associate pastor is extremely important. Although Christian Education is primarily our associate pastor’s responsibility, the new pastor’s ideas, experience, guidance and support in this area will be of great value as we seek to expand opportunities for all ages and life stages. In addition, we hope our pastor will be skilled in communicating complex theological messages in an easily understood way to people of varying ages and backgrounds. We are certain that God has chosen a true pastor who is compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. Finally, we seek someone who embraces challenges and will guide us to a life of service.

Our Senior Pastor will be head of staff and will be responsible to oversee all aspects of the daily functioning of the church, including, but not limited to:

  • Plan and conduct worship services with the Associate Pastor and Director of Music.
  • Prepare and present sermons for a diverse congregation.
  • Teach a Bible Study Class.
  • Administer the holy sacraments with the Associate Pastor.
  • Conduct funerals and weddings with support from the Associate Pastor. Provide premarital counseling as appropriate.
  • Cultivate local community relationships along with the Weekday School Directors, Membership and Outreach Committees.
  • Provide pastoral care and oversee visitation programs in partnership with the Associate Pastor and pastoral care groups.
  • Foster congregational spiritual development.
  • Moderate Session meetings; train and support Session members.
  • Assist in the growth of a spirit of generosity through stewardship and commitment.
  • Assist with conflict resolution as needed.
  • Monitor staff performance and work with Personnel Committee as needed.
Application closes: June 3, 2020

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