Senior Pastor Part time

@ Centerpoint Community Church
  • Roseville, California View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 24 November 2021
  • Application closes: 28 February 2022
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Job Description

Centerpoint Community Church of Roseville, California seeks an individual who loves the Lord, our God, with all of her/his heart, soul, mind, and strength and is an all-in, sold-out follower of Jesus Christ to become its new Senior Pastor. Centerpoint’s Senior Pastor leads services in the church’s two worship venues, preaching and teaching God’s word to provide for the spiritual growth and development of Centerpoint’s people. Centerpoint’s Senior Pastor serves as the church’s Head of Staff, directing, encouraging, and equipping the church’s Associate Pastors, ministry directors, and lay leaders. Centerpoint’s Senior Pastor oversees the church’s operations and finances, ensuring godly stewardship of its fiscal, physical, and human resources. Centerpoint welcomes candidates who are living lives above reproach, who are sound in their faith, and who are wise in the things of God to apply for its Senior Pastor position. The full Senior Pastor job description is available at the link below.

Centerpoint’s Pastor shall…
Love the Lord, our God, with all of her/his heart, soul, mind, and strength and be an all-
in, sold-out follower of Jesus Christ as her/his Lord and Savior.

Love the Church and its people.

Affirm without exception or reservation the Essentials of the Faith of the Evangelical 
Presbyterian Church.

Affirm without exception or reservation the ordination vows for the office of Pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Live a life above reproach, sound in the faith, wise in the things of God, and discrete in
all things. Centerpoint’s Pastor shall exhibit a lifestyle that is an example to all, both in 
and outside the Church. (Book of Order, G.9-3 and 9-4.)

Expound the Word of God in a manner that reflects Centerpoint’s Reformed,

Evangelical, Presbyterian and Missional identity. The Pastor shall be God’s prophet to the people, and be the people’s priest before God. S/he shall lead the people in worship,
celebrate the sacraments, and oversee the education, nurture, and mission of the church. Along with the Ruling Elders, the Pastor shall exercise joint ministry to the needs of the flock and to all those who have need of a Pastor’s care, love, and compassion. With the active Ruling Elders, the Pastor, along with the Associate Pastors, shall exercise the joint responsibility of jurisdiction. Finally, the Pastor shall be diligent to serve actively in the courts of which he/she is a member. 

Be a visionary leader, equipping the church and its people to fulfill the Great Commission and to live out Centerpoint’s commitment to be a missionary outpost for Jesus Christ to the world.

Identify, equip, and encourage leaders in Centerpoint’s congregation.

Pastor Job Description
Regularly lead multigenerational worship services in both worship venues offered by
Centerpoint (contemporary and classic) along with special services.

Present God’s word to provide spiritual growth and direction for Centerpoint members and attendees, in both the pulpit and classroom, creatively using modern audio/visual 
communication techniques.

Utilize a broad teaching style using both expository and/or thematic sermons.

Plan the worship services working with the Worship Arts Director and media team.

Maintain Centerpoint’s preaching calendar.

Pray for Centerpoint and its members.

Provide pastoral counseling; officiate at weddings and memorial services along with the 
Pastoral Staff.

Have Christ-affirming relationships with Centerpoint members, attendees, and the

Maintain a courteous Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside
Centerpoint. Have an engaging personality and develop strong relational bonds.

Maintain a regular visitation program for Centerpoint congregants.

Regularly communicate with the Centerpoint congregation through, among other things, 
contributions to Centerpoint’s newsletter.

Participate in Centerpoint’s outreach ministries.

Provide visionary leadership for Centerpoint’s interaction with the community and the world.

Serve as Centerpoint’s Head of Staff. Duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, 
the following:

Direct, lead, encourage, and equip Centerpoint’s Associate Pastors, Pastor(s) of 
Visitation, and Chaplain(s).

Direct, lead, encourage, and equip all ministry directors. [Note: Some of these
oversight duties can be, and are, accomplished through delegation to Associate 

Direct, lead, encourage, and equip Centerpoint’s Administrative Staff. [Note:
Some of these oversight duties can be, and are, accomplished through
delegation to Associate Pastors and Ministry Directors.]

Pastor Job Description 
Conduct regular staff meetings.
Oversee Centerpoint’s fiscal operations in consultation with Centerpoint’s Session,
Business Director, and Finance and Administration Committee. Oversight of fiscal matters includes, but is not necessarily limited to, development of an annual budget; conducting an annual stewardship campaign in consultation with the Finance and Administration Committee; and managing capital campaigns, as necessary.

Serve as Moderator of Centerpoint’s Session and at Centerpoint congregational meetings.

Serve ex officio on all standing Centerpoint committees. The Pastor shall regularly attend meetings of the Personnel and Worship Committees and may, at her/his discretion, attend and participate in the meetings of any of Centerpoint’s other standing committees.

Attend Presbytery and General Assembly meetings in rotation with Associate Pastors.

Oversee all other Centerpoint operations not specifically addressed above.

Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from an accredited seminary that meets the 
requirements of Book of Order G.11-2(G).

At least five (5) years of pastoral ministry in a church of at least 250 or more members.

Promote spiritual, emotional and physical development and well-being through spiritual
disciplines, vacation, and other means for obtaining rest and renewal.

Participate in courses, seminars, and other professional development activities utilizing study leave.

Application closes: February 28, 2022

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