Senior Pastor Full Time

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Job Description

The responsibility of this position is to:
Fulfill the office of pastor, partnering with the congregation at Church of the Valley under the direction of Jesus Christ, fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. To do this through preaching, teaching, serving and expanding outreach projects as detailed in this document.

Preaching, Evangelism, Teaching and Worship

A. Preach the Word
1. It will be the responsibility of the senior pastor to be the principal preacher.

B. Evangelism
1. As principle leader the pastor will be an evangelist and actively seek to win people to Jesus and implement strategies that will result in growing the mission, vision and membership of Church of the Valley.

C. Teach the Word
1. As the teaching task of the church is varied and demanding, the teaching responsibilities of the senior pastor include:
a. Teaching of biblical truths for applicable discipleship through seminars, conferences and special events.
b. Providing special instruction to the elders, deacons, leaders and staff in discipleship and leadership training.

D. Directing Public Worship
1. The senior pastor is responsible for the planning and directing of regular worship including the content of the Scriptures, Bible messages, prayers in conjunction with the Director of Music Ministries/praise team’s music selection, as well as arrangement of special worship services throughout the year.
2. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, he/she will lead worship in a way that encourages all participants to be actively involved in ways that lead to more meaningful biblical worship.

The senior pastor will:
A. Fulfill his/her scriptural calling to equip the congregation for the work of ministry by developing and maturing a new generation of leaders for our ministry and mission teams.
B. Train disciples and equip leaders for ministry through personal modeling, mentoring and programming with an emphasis on intergenerational relationships.
C. Meet with elders, leaders and staff members individually and corporately to mentor and disciple them to ensure the spiritual care for their responsible ministry groups.
D. Guide and lead elders, leaders and staff members through seminars, retreats and special events to educate and inspire these leaders and the congregation regarding vision, mission and strategy.

The senior pastor will:
A. Serve as the moderator of Session during all regularly and specially called meeting of the elders. It is his/her duty, along with the elders, to see that the policies and action of the Session are properly implemented.
B. Partner with the church’s leadership in pursuing a vision for the church regarding ministry and church growth, fine tuning the church’s structure as needed to facilitate established goals.
C. Create goal ownership and a sense of shared purpose among the congregation through leading by example, involving others in the decision-making process and actively participating in meetings and events at his discretion using the Bible as his/her guide.
D. Serve as Head of Staff, the senior pastor will provide leadership and support to the pastoral and non-pastoral staff members through accountability, encouragement and motivation.
E. Direct and participate in regular and special staff meetings for all staff planning, teamwork, mutual prayer and spiritual growth.
F. Perform other administrative duties as directed by and agreed upon by Session.
G. Be available in the church office at regularly scheduled hours.

A. The senior pastor will have a general oversight of the church, acting as a catalyst for the direction of the church, i.e. facilitating existing ministries and outreach, and promoting new ways of serving the Lord in the church body, the surrounding community and the world.

Pastoral Care
A. Administering the Sacrament
1. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper will be administered through the direction of the senior pastor and will be usually celebrated once per month in the church. The Sacrament of Baptism will be directed or delegated by the senior pastor as approved by the Session.
B. Counseling, Visitation and Personal Care
1. The senior pastor shall routinely be involved in critical needs (health, end of life or other crises) of the congregation but may work with elders, deacons and other church leaders to provide personal care for those in the church who need special help or direction.
C. Officiate at Weddings and Funerals
1. The senior pastor will have the right to grant or refuse the ceremony of marriage or funerals to any member or non-member of COV based on biblical principles.
D. Facilitating Relationships
1. The senior pastor will work to facilitate, strengthen or repair relationships among members of the staff and the congregation.
2. He/she will arbitrate conflict as may occur, reviewing with and working with the Session to determine solutions.

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