Senior Pastor Full Time

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Job Description

First, we want our new pastor to be humbly committed to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and be committed to God’s unconditional love. Theology, Presbyterian doctrine and mission are values we want to see in this position. As we look to our next pastor after the church split, we know that trustworthiness and integrity are critically important characteristics. We want a leader with strong communication and listening skills that can encourage the congregation to stretch their talents. We need someone who can expand our ranks, easily talk to us and challenge us with a sense of humor. We feel our new leader should be a good decision maker, know how to delegate responsibilities plus solve church issues in a transparent Godly manner.

Time management skills and efficiently prioritizing tasks are a necessity. Both young and old appreciate timeliness in meetings, morning worship and programs. This church has a strong emphasis on our children as exhibited by the Logos program. This intergenerational program is a special heartbeat for us and we want a pastor who will continue to support it and other youth programs. Even though we have a deep history of being an all-white downtown church, we have no problem embracing diversity in a pastor. Finally, we want a pastor who can continue to provide vision, optimism, leadership, and growth for our church family.

Specific responsibilities include leading worship and Christian study, pastoral care, financial accountability, managing staff and volunteers, directing mission obligations, and providing vision, optimism and leadership to FPC. For Sunday morning worship, sermons should be meaningful, theologically-directed and well-timed. We want a leader who can uplift and encourage music as part of our worship, plus teach classes in theology & Presbyterianism. It is important that a new pastor have a strong understanding of our financial needs, stewardship, resources, and expenditures, and be transparent.

We would like a pastor that is technologically savvy in publishing church news, staying in touch with the congregation, and management of the church operations and finances. Managing people with compassion, respect and efficiency is necessary. A pastor should fairly decipher strengths and weaknesses in church employees and volunteers and utilize talents where best-suited. Pastoral care is an important element to this position. We want someone who can get to know the congregation where they live, celebrate and mourn.

FPC is a downtown church that interacts with and supports the community. Our minister must coordinate how we help those in need at our back door. Our congregation is sensitive to the needs of the pastor and his/her family. We will help our leader maintain a work-life balance. We want to help do the work required for our programs – the pastor is not expected to do it all alone.

Application deadline closed.

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