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Job Description

FPCOC is an immigrant church formed 40 years ago and is located in Orange County, CA. It has a Taiwanese ministry “TM” and a small English ministry “EM”. TM members worship in Taiwanese while the 2nd generation EM young adults speak mainly in English. Although the TM is currently the dominant group, our vision is to grow our EM especially the 20 to 50 age group, families with children or young adults so that eventually the church transitions into primarily an English speaking church with multiple generations that has Taiwanese heritage. The transition is critical to the future of FPCOC so that it can function as a healthy church, able to carry out its purpose to worship, fellowship, serve, and evangelize. Our vision is to see lives flourish and grow to be Christ-like. In Christ, we are a new creation the old has gone, and the new has come. We want to live out this truth through transformed mindsets and ultimately lives. We believe that this is done through sound teaching of the word through spirit-led Bible studies and sermons, fellowship gatherings, and outreach by making ourselves available for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as we treat our daily lives as a mission field.

To reach our goal of eventually becoming a primarily English speaking church yet with Taiwanese heritage we will need to reach out to the local Taiwanese/Asian population especially in the 20-50 year range to provide programs that meet their needs. In addition, by stepping outside of the confine of our church and partnering with other Christian organizations to serve communities globally would give our members a broader and richer experience in evangelism. Admittedly we are still exploring all the things we can do as a church but our ultimate goal is to revive the church so that we can strive to fulfill Mathew 28:16-20.

Bilingual preferred, preach in English and comfortable communicating in either Taiwanese or Mandarin. Must have 5-10 years’ experience as an ordained pastor in the PCUSA or another Reformed denomination. Effective preacher and worship leader. Strong experience in church building especially in the 20-50 age group. Has a passion for training our young people to be disciples so that they are rooted in truth and develop a willing heart to serve and learn to love God and people. The pastor should have a deep personal relationship with God and has a desire to build strong connections with people of all races and ages. Someone who believes in the power of community and is willing to invest in those relationships. Someone who is authentic, loving, honest, and finds great joy being in the presence of God. Please see other qualifications in the leadership competency tables.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work cooperatively with other church leaders.
  • Lead worship services in English as well as:
    • Conduct sacraments (baptism and communion)
    • Conduct wedding and funeral services as needed
  • Provide guidance for Sunday school curriculum and assists in training teachers.
  • Train small group leaders to be disciples.
  • Provide counseling to members in crisis or with issues; hospital and homebound visitations
  • Be actively involved in evangelism, missionary, and outreach programs.
  • Community presence: (encouraged) to establish a presence in our community (local or Taiwanese community).
  • Moderate session meetings and attend Presbytery meetings.
  • Supervise day to day operation of the church.
  • Willing to serve in the trenches with us as we are a small church.
Application deadline closed.

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