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    Job Description

    Responding to the needs of our community has always been part of our church life:

    • We maintain a deep and active connection with the local food/assistance ministry, Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center (JCOC). To this ministry of over 20 churches, we provide financial support at the second highest amount of giving. Several church members volunteer with JCOC “to help when life hurts.”
    • In 2018 FPC Jacksonville aided our community’s response to a devastating tornado. With Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and individual donations, we gave over $25,000 of direct aid, along with prayer and counseling during a two-year response to the community’s needs.
    • Several years ago, we became active in starting a new college ministry program through the UKIRK connections of the PCUSA. We have had to adjust the program each year, due largely to the tornado and Covid, but we are committed to being a Reformed light and presence to the Jacksonville State University community. One area of outreach involves offering our sanctuary for JSU music rehearsals and recitals, thereby greatly increasing the number of students and faculty members familiar with our church and ministries. Church members and UKIRK students have been involved in the presbytery’s Summer Camp program at Living River, with one elder currently serving on the LR Board.
    • FPC Jacksonville is a longtime supporter of the Presbyterian Home for Children in Talladega, along with other PCUSA mission offerings.

    This position will help you to reach your vision and mission goals:

    We envision this call filled by someone who cares deeply about sharing our values with a younger, perhaps unchurched, generation, including the ‘nones and the dones’. We seek a pastor dedicated to being a consistent presence of connection in our community, while also promoting and supporting our church’s growth in ministry and spiritual formation.

    FPC Jacksonville has not had a called pastor for more than a dozen years, during which time several well-received preachers have filled our pulpit on a rotating basis. The need for a more localized pastoral connection in our community is at the heart of this call. In this call, FPC Jacksonville is not expecting a rescuer or someone to shoulder all the work of the church – we are accustomed to taking the initiative when needs arise. We seek a true partner and leader in ministry.

    This call will best be served by someone who is open to the positive experiences and unique opportunities of small-town life.

    Jacksonville sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and connected to many biking and hiking trails. Yet, the city is less 20 miles from Interstate 20, making Birmingham and Atlanta easily accessible.

    Jacksonville boasts a mid-sized public college, Jacksonville State University. We strive to be an active and supportive presence for the emerging faith needs of young adults. The called pastor will need to engage with and become an identifiable presence in the community and on campus.

    Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization.

    We are seeking someone who is open to lead our small church in our ministry efforts. FPC Jacksonville wishes to participate in the Pathways to Renewal program offered through the Board of Pensions, which means that we are seeking a first-call pastor under the age of 40. The person called to this position will need to have a true appreciation of older members and a desire to connect with college students and young adults. A person possessing significant degrees of self-confidence and self-starting capabilities will be needed. Clear communication skills will be essential, along with the ability to work with our church administrator in the management of tech and digital media. As our theology reminds us, we are imperfect, so a leader who is open to forgiveness, has a sense of humility (and a good-natured sense of humor), and can offer a path of reconciliation in times of conflict and tension will be of great importance. To be in tune with our overall ministry approach, an inclusive theological foundation will be needed for ministry, integrity in relationships, and a love of all people to provide a foundation for positive outcomes.

    What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

    The one called to serve in this position will lead parts of worship each Sunday and administer the sacraments.

    In light of the fact that a rotation of ministers has provided enriching, enlightening sermons for more than a decade, we hope to keep the gift of varied voices in the pulpit and allow the called pastor time each week for ministry opportunities outside the church walls. We envision having two visiting preachers each month. The called minister will preach two to three Sundays or seasonal services per month.

    In this call, FPC seeks a significant commitment to community connections, the UKIRK JSU efforts, and congregational growth. To offer more time for community/college outreach and digital ministry, some pastoral care and faith formation can be shared with a CRE member of the congregation, if desired by the called minister.

    The tasks of ministry and administration will be part of this call, including working with those who create our musical worship offerings and special recitals, planning church services and events with committees, and supporting and guiding staff.

    The Session seeks an individual willing to collaborate and assist in the development of elder leaders. The minister will moderate Session, offer direction and support to FPC committees, and be an active member of our presbytery.

    We seek a minister who can connect with our community, share their gifts, and guide us in using our talents in service to the Good News that Christ proclaims.

    Salary: $40,000

    Mailing Address: PO Box 355, Jacksonville, AL 36265

    Phone: +1 256 435 6340


    Application deadline closed.

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