Student Pastor Full Time

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    Job Description

    1. Experience in student ministry programming
    2. Creativity
    3. Leadership
    4. Administration


    1. Oversee Programming in the Student Ministry.
    a. Plan, organize and coordinate a comprehensive student ministry to fulfill the vision of the Pastor and the mission of the church.
    b. Provide programming for students that encourages spiritual growth, relational growth and ministry growth. This includes but is not limited to worship services, Bible studies, retreats, outreach events and service opportunities using their spiritual gifts.
    c. Be involved in the personal lives of students.
    d. Establish open communication with parents.
    e. Research and attend conferences and seminars to improve the creativity of student ministry.
    f. Recruit, train and equip a team of adult student leaders to assist with the various functions of the Student Ministry.
    g. Establish and maintain effective leadership for each program of the ministry.
    h. Empower adult volunteers to be involved in the day to day work of the student ministry.
    i. Provide leadership training for volunteers and student leaders.

    2. Oversee Discipleship in the Student Ministry.
    a. Conduct annual assessment of the spiritual growth of students.
    b. Develop a plan to grow and mature students in their relationship with Christ.
    c. Oversee small groups for students and champion a relationally driven student ministry.
    d. Research or write curriculum materials as needed and oversee activities that disciple students.
    e. Provide opportunities for students to serve in our church and community.

    3. Oversee Missional activity and Ministry in the Student Ministry.
    a. Provide opportunities that connect Christians and pre-Christians to the Student Ministry at Greater.
    b. Oversee a plan for summer camps and mission trips.
    c. Visit middle and high school campuses to build relationships with students.
    d. Develop and maintain a relationship with students at local schools by attending school sponsored events.
    e. Encourage students to express themselves via their passion whether it be music, drama, art, or missions.
    f. Oversee fellowship events and activities.
    g. Oversee Student Ministry involvement in Fatherlessness, Teen Pregnancy, and Education Causes.

    4. Oversee student ministry component of family ministry.
    a. Work with Children’s Director to create alignment between student and children’s ministries to support families.
    b. Partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their families to create missional families.
    c. Build and maintain relationships with parents.

    5. Oversee marketing of student ministry.
    a. Establish a strategic marketing vision to promote the student worship service and student ministry events.
    b. Recruit and develop a student ministry marketing team.
    c. Oversee plans to fully utilize social media to connect with students, parents, and the community.

    5. Oversee Administration of Student Ministry.
    a. Develop and oversee annual student ministry budget.
    b. Coordinate the maintenance and security of student ministry property and equipment.
    c. Establish annual goals for the student ministry.
    d. Oversee the development of the student ministry calendar.

    6. Minister to students in times of celebration, bereavement, loss, illness and incarceration.
    a. Communicate losses and illnesses of students and parents of students with church administrative assistant.
    b. Call and pray with students and student leaders.
    c. Attend funerals.
    d. Make hospital, nursing home and home visits.
    e. Attend special events like graduations, ceremonies.

    7. Serve as a spiritual leader for the congregation.
    a. Lead a small group.
    b. Preach occasionally.
    c. Assist staff and church leadership in areas not directly related to student ministries

    8. Weekly attendance at Sunday worship services.

    9. Live according to the moral qualifications of elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

    10. Do anything else deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.

    Application deadline closed.

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