Worship and Music/Arts Production Manager Full Time

@ Park Cities Presbyterian Church
  • Dallas, Texas View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Music & Worship Ministries
  • Date Posted: 16 December 2019
  • Application closes: 16 April 2020
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    Job Description

    PCPC Mission
    To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

    Job Family
    Highly specialized work with management responsibilities; advanced/expert operational position. Provides services for all ministries and departments within the church. Position is detail oriented and requires extensive knowledge and experience in area of specialization. Includes alignment with a broader functional purpose and may include staff oversight.

    Purpose of Job
    Coordinate and facilitate Performing Arts events and manage the production aspects of worship services; provide marketing and promotional support for Performing Arts Series. View the Sanctuary, Narthex and surround hallways through the eyes of our congregation and visitors to create an environment of worship without distraction. Coordinate additional general PCPC events, as directed. Coordinate off-campus Music Ministry events and short-term mission trips for Chancel Choir. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

    Core Responsibility
    PRAY for the church, leaders, and each other. ABIDE in Christ. MODEL Christ-like behavior.

    Individual Job Responsibilities

    Performing Arts Series Coordination – 50%
    * Staff Administrator: re-actively support creative music directors
    * Staff Liaison: internal contact for outside performing groups
    * Series Planning: work with music directors to plan series, research artists, contact artist agents to gather schedule and pricing information, work with Master Calendar Team to schedule concerts, gather promotional information from artists and agents, coordinate design and production of the Annual Series Brochure, arrange mailing and distribution of the brochure, coordinate with Communications Department to put Series information online.
    * Advertising Coordination: create promotional plan, work with Communications Team and graphic designer to design promotional material, order and disseminate materials (posters, postcards, digital material), coordinate mailings, contract and coordinate the production of radio commercials, create social media content, etc.
    * Volunteer Oversight: recruit, train, and follow-up with volunteers
    * Lighting: work with Facilities and AV to access ongoing lighting needs, updates and maintenance for Sanctuary lighting, coordinate with team during annual re-lamping/re-aiming process, maintain basic understanding of light system and current issues

    Production Oversight:
    * Manage all incoming and outgoing communications: phone calls, emails, internal written memos, external mail, website, contracts, check requests, and disbursement of payment for concert musicians
    * Arrange local travel and accommodations for guest artists (when necessary)
    * Coordinate the internal facilities: calendar, scheduling, and work orders (including concert set-up, sound, lighting, food, overflow rooms, room preparation, lighting fixes, removal of pews, etc.)
    * Printed program: coordinate with artist to create printed program or coordinate the production of printed program for large choir concerts (requires creating a timeline and managing the music staff to bring together the program order, text input, hymn inserts, layout, design, personnel, choirs, orchestra lists, Friend of Music acknowledgements, artist biographies, program notes, proof program, coordinate with printer, send to printer, distribute programs)
    * Concert décor: design and create decorations (wreaths, lanterns, etc.) for concerts and alter as necessary each year; coordinate with Sanctuary Flowers Coordinator the flowers to use for concerts; order candles to be used for choir; assemble and distribute candles and lighters; physical setup of all decorations; storage of decorations
    * Oversee and administrate physical set-up for concert days (weeks)
    * Orchestra set-up: coordinate with Music Directors to schedule setup of orchestra, light music stands, properly string together stand lights and extension cords and connect them to the DMX lighting system
    * Concert lighting: work with Music Directors to create concert lighting plan, hire and communicate lighting plan vision to vendor (when necessary), schedule time for lighting vendor to access room, coordinate with vendor during concert, execute simple concert lighting and sound as necessary
    * Stage management: during rehearsals, concerts, and on the day of the event/concert, communicate with and provide clear direction for all ushers, volunteers, vendors, security, audio/video team, musicians, and other staff; manage payments
    * Reservation and preparation of Green Rooms; provide snacks when necessary
    * Usher coordination: work with team to recruit ushers, coordinate crowd management plan with head usher, work with usher head during concert, provide training for handling ticketed concerts
    * Manage tickets: create online registration with Database Team or work with outside ticket vendor, manage seating requests, create process for distributing and managing ticketed concerts (printed and online tickets, will-call, etc.)
    * Database Administration – maintain mailing lists for active and prospective Friends of Music and Performing Arts
    * Management of Friends of Music Program – work with the Senior Director to create mailings, coordinate acknowledgements

    Financial – Good steward of resources overall
    * Annual budget: provide support and assistance in preparation of annual budget
    * Expense control: monitor department budget balances and report on status
    * Vendor invoices: provide prompt attention
    * Designated Fund Administration (Concert Series Fund): receive monies and deposit, monitor balances, and maintain strong working relationship with Finance Department for the utilization of the funds
    * Provide bookkeeping support and records by producing contracts, payments, travel reimbursements or arrangements.
    * Direct donations from the Friends of Music to the Concert Series Fund to the Finance Department

    Worship Service Production – 30%

    General Duties
    * Report to the Senior Director of Music; proactively work and build relationships with AV, Facilities, pastors, and musicians to meet expectations set by leadership team for worship services
    * Meet with Senior Director of Music and Director of AV for a weekly production and setup meeting; debrief weekly services
    * Create and distribute production sheet for services to relevant parties
    * Communicate stage setup needs to Facilities
    * Coordinate with all parties involved to reserve and facilitate the orchestra setup in Sunday services during concert weekends
    * Setup any special stage lighting, as required

    Worship Service Duties
    * Arrive at 7:00am (or earlier, if needed) before the Sunday morning services to ensure that all requested setup has been done, check Sanctuary and hallways, complete Sunday morning punch list, troubleshoot as needed (responsible for the same duties at all Sanctuary Worship Services, including Maundy Thursday, Holy Week Noon Services, and Christmas Eve)
    * Communicate with AV team, pastors, and musicians to make sure everyone is on the same page before each service begins
    * Make sure each service starts on time
    * During services monitor sound, lighting and air; communicate problems, as needed; work with AV, Facilities, Security, and ushers to resolve issues
    * Understand and implement church policies in the event of a security or medical emergency

    Events – 20%

    Coordinate Miscellaneous Events
    * Create plan with department head or music director; work with internal departments to schedule and reserve rooms; coordinate promotion and advertisement; create, order, and setup decorations; order food and beverages; recruit and train volunteers and ushers; create printed materials, name tags, signage, etc.

    Chancel Choir Staff Administrator: re-actively support creative music directors for off-campus events or short-term mission trips
    * Staff liaison: internal contact for off campus ministry groups and Missions partners
    * Printed materials coordination: work with designer or Communications to create logos, posters, postcards, programs, etc.
    * Choir communications: design and produce detailed documents upcoming event information, prayer requests, travel and weather information, schedule, necessary travel forms, etc.
    * Design and order items for trips (t-shirts, fleeces, travel tags, etc.)
    * Book accommodations: research, visit, and negotiate contracts with hotels; coordinate payment; manage rooming lists
    * Schedule meals: research restaurants, caterers, and facilities that can accommodate for large groups; choose menus; arrange payment
    * Coordinate ground travel: research and negotiate contracts for buses, make plan and provisions for choir to travel by public transportation, provide teams with directions, maps, metro cards, etc.
    * Coordinate air travel: work with travel agent to book airline tickets, gather necessary information from choir members
    * Volunteer oversight: recruit and train
    * Provide bookkeeping support and records by producing contracts, payments, petty cash management, travel reimbursements, and/or arrangements

    Production oversight
    * Manage all incoming and outgoing communication – phone calls, emails, internal written memos, external mail, website, check requests, and disbursement of payment for off campus ministry or Missions
    * Coordinate the external facilities – calendar, scheduling, work orders (includes details on campus or off campus event set-up, sound, lighting)
    * Oversee and administrate physical set-up for on-campus or off-campus or mission trip days/weeks, shipping needs (office supplies, robes, folders, music library, programs, posters, medical supplies, etc.), mobile office setup, etc.

    Special Services (Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday)
    * Create and run lighting plan, assemble, distribute and clean-up candles and lighters for choirs, coordinate ushers, lighting, AV, speakers, etc., during services

    Chamber Choir Concerts
    Schedule rehearsals and concert rooms in EMS, coordinate advertising and promotion, create printed program, concert setup and decor (see concert administration above)

    * Work with teachers/students/families and Master Calendar Team to schedule recitals and competitions; reserve rooms in EMS; confirm setup details with Facilities and teachers, students, and families; order drinks, put out signage, walk through to check details, set-up, etc.

    Education and Experienced Required
    College degree preferred. At least five years’ experience in event production. High-level organization and communication skills. Able to make decisions and adjustments in real time. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite. Arena Church Management System Database or Eventbrite experience preferred, but not required. Experience using InDesign or Adobe Design programs a plus. PCPC membership required.

    Job Complexity
    * Area of work enhances ministry opportunity by coordinating workflow and resources
    * Work requires project management approach and resourcefulness

    Work Environment
    * Normal office and church environment
    * Non-standard office hours and days
    * Highly relational and people intensive
    * Process and/or project driven work load
    * Christ-centered

    Application closes: April 16, 2020

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