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    My name is Pastor Buddy. I recently became the Senior Pastor at Rocky Mountain Ministries in Pocatello, Idaho. I was the Worship Pastor here for the last thirteen years. We have a group of very talented and skilled musicians with a crazy amount of musical experiences and diverse backgrounds. We have a very wide range of music styles from acoustic worship to funk, to hard rock bordering on metal, country and pop. We especially enjoy Lincoln Brewster as we have some talented electric guitarists. We also do a Trans-Siberian Orchestra style Christmas concert series complete with haze, thousands of beams of light and spark machines. This event has become a must-see event in our area and we are celebrating our 12th year in 2021.

    We need a special person to lead our department. We need a worshiper, a shepherd, a visionary, an inspirer, an encourager and a developer. We need someone who can worship in spirit and truth with the musical freedom we will give them. We believe that holding back musically to keep from offending a few, actually results in gifted musicians NOT giving their highest praise to God. We are inspired to worship by the gifts God has given our musicians rather than jealous or distracted. (The line gets drawn when something fails to inspire our community or if it fails to glorify God.)

    We hope for someone who pursues their craft as an artist would. We want a person who listens for and obeys the Holy Spirit. We want someone who wants to touch God and touch people and can teach worship as well as music. We want someone who recognizes the gifts and graces God has given our musicians and deeply desires to develop those gifts and graces in them by giving them opportunities and feedback that pushes them forward. We also want to help you become all that God has planned for you.

    Practical skills desired: Vocal excellence, proficient in guitar and/or piano(keys), can communicate with those who understand music theory and with those who speak in beeps and hand motions, understands sound systems and can communicate with techs, keeps up with tech, understands DMX lighting, knowledge of programs such as Pro Presenter, Planning Center, Ableton, DAW recording and OBS, and loves to “get together” regularly.

    Please contact me to talk about it at:

    Buddy Greene — 208-317-8403   cell

    Application closes: November 30, 2021

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