Worship Minister Full Time

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    Job Description

    General Summary

    The Worship Pastor plays a vital role in our church and works closely with the Senior Pastor, leading the technical volunteers, and other worship volunteers to create impactful and life-changing experiences!

    The Worship Pastor oversees all services and opportunities which gather for worship inside and outside our church. The Worship Pastor will have a passion for leading people into the presence of God through modern and contemporary worship. In addition to being a skilled musician and leader, the Worship Pastor will disciple and shepherd a group of volunteers, organize and lead the worship ministry and help lead the church in authentic worship that honors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Worship Pastor will serve as part of the overall pastoral team, accountable to the Senior Pastor.


    1. Weekend and other Pertinent Special Services.
    2. Lead worship for weekend services & special events.
    3. Develop & maintain personnel schedule for worship teams, tech, media, etc.
    4. Continued development & training of musicians, tech & media personnel.
    5. Preaches occasionally designated Sundays.
    6. Coordinate set-up of stage for Sunday service.
    7. Attend and support various “all campus” events (rallies, missions conventions, church workdays, etc.).
    8. Schedule and facilitate events with special music guests.
    9. Senior Pastor with Overall Church Goals & Objectives
    10. Lead the congregation in worship each Sunday.
    11. Demonstrate & communicate the heart & spirit of worship to the congregation.
    12. Demonstrate a servant’s heart.
    13. Provide care for the facility, its workers, and volunteers in ministry.
    14. Integrate and evaluate standards of excellence in worship programming.
    15. Communicate regularly with Amazing Grace attendees in support of events & programs.
    16. Communicate and model the vision and mission of Amazing Grace with the staff and attendees.
    17. Facilitate special projects, events, services, conferences, etc.
    18. Act as a catalyst for new initiatives in support of Amazing Grace’s vision.
    19. Pastoral Staff, as a Team, to build all aspects of ministries as they relate to Worship.
    20. Identify, recruit & develop musicians & tech personnel to facilitate worship.
    21. Oversee development of creative arts and media appropriate for weekly services, holidays, missions’ focus, Vacation Bible School, other special events, etc.; both “live” and online.
    22. Develop the repertoire of “hymns, psalms & spiritual songs” that facilitates engaging worship during services.
    23. Shepherd and disciple the worship members, tech and media personnel. (And, other relationships.)
    24. Facilitate worship & media for outreach events.
    25. Oversee, develop, and maintain audiovisual gear.
    26. Manage Budgets for all related ministry responsibilities.
    27. Includes: worship, advertisement, special guests, set design, and others.
    28. Create for annual approval with quarterly updates to Senior Pastor.
    29. Meet weekly schedule expectations.
    30. Attend and Contribute to the Weekly Staff Meeting.
    31. Present weekly follow-up report
    32. Participate in vision casting.
    33. Maintain office hours and communication etiquette as directed by Senior Pastor.
    34. Attend training and further education that will inspire opportunities to enhance our worship.


    1. Interpersonal Skills – Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; maintains confidentiality; listens to others without interrupting; keeps emotions under control; remains open to other’s ideas and tries new things.
    2. Oral Communication – Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive and negative situations; listens to others and gets clarification; responds well to questions; demonstrates group presentation skills; participates in meetings.
    3. Teamwork – Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to other’s views; gives and welcomes feedback; contributes to building a positive team spirit; puts the success of the team above own interests; builds morale and the group’s commitments to goals and objectives; supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.
    4. Change Management – Develops workable implementation plans; communicates change effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; prepares and supports those affected by change; monitors transition and evaluates results.
    5. Leadership – Exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires and motivates others to perform well; accepts feedback from others; inspires respect and trust; gives appropriate recognition to others.
    6. Judgment – Displays willingness to make decisions; exhibits sound and accurate judgment; supports and explains reasoning for decisions; includes appropriate people in the decision-making process; makes timely decisions.
    7. Motivation – Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles; measures self against standard of excellence.
    8. Professionalism – Approaches others in a tactful manner; reacts well under pressure; treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accepts responsibility for own actions; follows through on commitments.
    9. Innovation – Meets challenges with resourcefulness; generates suggestions for work improvement; develops innovative approaches and ideas.
    10. Lifestyle – Lives out spiritual principles required for pastoral leadership (participates in a small group; tithes; consistently attends worship services; involved in outreach; follows Jesus personally and passionately; maintains sexual purity).


    1. Singing – Is vocally proficient. Can lead congregational singing.
    2. Instrumental Ability – Is highly proficient in one or more of the instruments of utilized in modern worship services (i.e. Keys, Guitars, Drums, Wind, Strings, and/or Electronic).
        1. Musicianship – Exceptional musicianship, including, but not limited to, understanding of basic music theory, ability to read and notate music, familiarity with Nashville number system (or agreed upon scale transcription), base knowledge of various instruments, etc.
    Application deadline closed.

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