Worship Minister Part time

@ Christian Church of Olney
  • Olney, Illinois View on Map
  • Denomination: Christian Church
  • Job Category: Music & Worship Ministries
  • Date Posted: 12 August 2021
  • Application closes: 30 November 2021
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    Job Description

    Primary Function: To lead us in spiritual worship by singing, playing musical instruments, and coordinating a praise band team.

    Criteria: be submitted to Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior (Mt. 16:16)
    be musically trained and skillful (1 Chr. 25:7, 1 Sm. 16:17-18)
    be biblically wise/sound/competent (1 Kg. 4:31, Acts 18:24)
    be experienced in leading worship music for 2-3 years (1 Chr. 15:22)

    1 – Administration
    -attend and participate in monthly elders meetings (3rd Wed. night at 7)
    -communicate with staff and elders regarding days off and church member needs
    -maintain a minimum of 10 work hours for the church per week
    -be visible at church events at least 30 minutes prior to starting time

    2 – Expectations
    -be involved in the overall life of the body of believers at CCO
    -lead in worship on Sunday mornings for a minimum of 48 weeks per year
    -in monthly meetings, communicate with elders thirty days in advance if missing a Sunday morning or Wednesday night or other cancellations. In the case of short notice absence, a replacement worship leader is required to be scheduled.
    -grow in leadership and ministry through study, reading, practicing, etc.
    -be involved with special church events/ outreach events as needed
    -be organized, orderly, punctual, practiced, and well rehearsed (1 Cor. 14:40, Col. 4:5)
    -be involved with the tech team by having a playlist and lyrics ready a week in advance of the Sunday they will be played
    -schedule, coordinate, and communicate praise team rotations
    -lead and coordinate weekly worship practices with the praise team
    -foster multi-generational worship by excluding songs that contain antiquated lyrics
    -choose instruments, songs, & genre for current times (1 Chr. 12:32, Ecc. 7:10)
    -have a brief biblical meaning of a line in a song explained before singing at least once per service
    -recruit and develop future band members
    -be punctual, humble, and full of integrity
    -be proficient/competent to learn in Pro-Presenter and Planning Center
    -be accountable to the Senior Minister week to week
    -coordinate with Senior Minister on extra tasks (wedding, funerals, etc.)

    3 – Other
    -4 vacation Sundays per year
    -internet usage will pertain to church related matters
    -pay will be determined upon assessment of individual

    Application closes: November 30, 2021

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