Worship ministry Full Time

@ Anchor Christian Church
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  • Denomination: Non - Denominational
  • Job Category: Music & Worship Ministries
  • Date Posted: 8 July 2021
  • Application closes: 31 October 2021
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    Job Description

    Areas of responsibility

    • Worship ministry
    • Music ministry
    • Technical arts (audio, video, etc.)
    • Creative arts, as they relate to worship
    • General church ministry, as needed and assigned
    • Note that this position includes at least six roles: minister of the Word and prayer, minister to people, musician, trainer, administrator, and church member

    General responsibilities

    • Understand and commit to ACC’s Statement of Mission
    • Strive for a growing, vibrant, and exemplary Christian life, including personal prayer and Bible study, fellowship, personal evangelism, generous giving, etc.
    • Establish a Worship Ministry Team and function as its leader
    • Attend all worship services and general activities of the church unless other ministry-related activities prohibit your attendance
    • Remember that we are a Deaf church as well as a hearing one, and make appropriate considerations to help ACC be as inclusive and welcoming of the Deaf as possible
    • Share in hospital visits and other pastoral care, as needed and assigned
    • Be responsive to congregational needs
    • Be willing to teach classes or small groups, as needed and assigned
    • Work one week of Christian camp at Mountainview, as needed
    • Maintain office hours, usually beginning by 9:00 AM
    • Adhere to the ACC Staff Handbook, ministry covenants, etc.
    • Pursue professional development to continue to improve yourself and your ministry
    • Other duties may be assigned by the Senior Minister as need and availability dictate

    Specific duties

    These will change as ACC grows and changes, but duties currently (or soon should) include:

    • Facilitate the continuous improvement of ACC’s worship services
    • Develop and supervise the overall music and worship programs, from children through adults, working closely with their various leaders.
    • Work with the Senior Minister to coordinate the worship services so that they will be experiences which glorify God and build up the Body while remaining true to the Word of God and aiding in the church’s outreach to the lost
    • Recruit and schedule personnel for your areas of ministry who are willing to be trained and follow through to do their assigned task(s). This includes musicians, technicians, presiders, etc.
    • Arrange and provide parts for instruments and singers, as needed
    • See that musicians’ and others are well-rehearsed for service
    • Lead the music of the worship services and other events
    • Recruit and audition “special music” and similar offerings
    • Incorporate the creative arts into the worship and life of the church
    • Assist with weddings, funerals, and other such events, as needed
    • Strive for continuous improvement in our execution of sound, video, lighting, staging, and online offerings
    • Create and implement feedback/evaluation processes to regularly assess the progress of our musical, technical, and creative arts efforts
    • Meet weekly with the senior minister to evaluate the worship services with a view to continuous improvement of them
    • Be responsible for the care of all church-owned worship instruments, equipment, etc.
    • Develop, maintain, and expand a music library, including the lawful administration of copyrights
    • Participate in the planning and execution of all special worship services (e.g., Christmas Eve, Easter Sunrise, Disaster Prayer Service, July 4th, etc) and special programs (e.g., Faith-Promise Missions Rally, VBS, Christmas Musical, concerts, etc.) to edify the Body and create interest in ACC from the local community
    • Involve a growing number of people and their musical and/or creative abilities – this might include worship services, adult choirs, teen choirs, children’s choirs, vocal and instrumental ensembles, etc.
    • Discover and/or envision new trends, new ideas, and new programs in the worship and creative arts and successfully implement them for the benefit of ACC
    • Provide content for the ACC website and other marketing efforts as it relates to your ministry
    • Prepare yearly goals and Worship Ministry budget proposal for submission to the elders, and implement that which is adopted/assigned
    • Prepare and present an annual report at ACC’s Annual Business Meeting, and do the same for other occasional congregational meetings
    • Find ways to regularly express appreciation for those who serve with you in the Worship Ministry
    • Assist the congregation as needed

    Position prerequisites

    • The qualifications of a deacon (see 1 Timothy 3.8-13; Acts 6.1-6)
    • A heartfelt desire to minister to people
    • A love for the local church as it is
    • A drive to help the local church grow in spiritual depth as well as numbers
    • A personal alignment with the ideals of the Restoration Movement
    • A Bachelor’s level degree from a Bible college
    Application closes: October 31, 2021

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