Worship Pastor Part time

@ Bashford Manor Baptist Church Louisville
  • Louisville, Kentucky View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Music & Worship Ministries
  • Date Posted: 22 October 2021
  • Application closes: 31 January 2022
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    Job Description

    Principal Function: The Worship Pastor serves as part of the pastoral and ministerial team in providing pastoral leadership to the church and its worship ministry as the church fulfills its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities: The Worship Pastor bears responsibility for leading the church to know and engage in biblical, Christ-centered worship. He is charged with shepherding members and worship ministry staff and volunteers. The worship pastor will be accountable to:

    1. Provide pastoral care, counseling, and ministry to the church,
    2. Plan, develop, and lead the church in corporate worship gatherings,
    3. Encourage and equip members to a lifestyle of worship,
    4. Teach and lead on biblical worship from the Scriptures,
    5. Provide musical training,
    6. Engage in disciple-making,
    7. Oversee and shepherd worship ministry staff and volunteers.

    Areas of Essential Responsibility Overall Church Ministry
    • Support the lead pastor in the accomplishment of the church’s mission.
    • Serve as a pastor aligned with the other pastors, and associated pastoral responsibilities.
    • Provide caring pastoral ministry and biblical counsel to the whole congregation.
    • Provide teaching or small group studies to establish a firmly biblical, Christ-centered understanding of worship.

    Worship Gathering
    • Plan the worship gatherings, along with all elements, to be in alignment with the Scriptures.
    • Coordinate all parts of the corporate worship gathering with the lead pastor, staff, and production team.
    • Plan and direct special worship gatherings for the church in conjunction with the rest of the pastoral and ministerial staff.
    • Collaborate with production and creative teams in regard to special worship elements related to unique sermon series.
    • Research and plan appropriate music, instrumentation, and elements for worship services.
    • Oversee all aspects of our audio, visual and media ministries.
    • Model true worship both on stage and off.

    Worship Ministry Staff and Volunteers
    • Oversee and shepherd worship ministry staff, volunteers, and production team.
    • Enlist, develop, rehearse, and lead individuals or groups participating in corporate worship (i.e., soloists, musical groups, instrumentalists, scripture readers, hosts, etc.).
    • Disciple and shepherd worship ministry staff and volunteers.
    • Involve the various music and worship groups in appropriate training events and opportunities for service, including ministry and mission opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally.
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive worship and music discipleship plan for all age groups of the church, including choir, bands, orchestra, drama and other ensembles.
    • Recruit and train volunteers to work with age-graded worship and music ministry areas.
    • Enlist, equip, and empower worship ministry interns and associates to lead in ministry settings, rehearsals, and in leading worship gatherings.
    • Provide opportunities for teaching the Scriptures to establish a firmly biblical understanding of true worship.
    • Lead small group Bible studies and discipleship groups as part of mentoring worship ministry staff and volunteers.
    • Plan and administer the worship ministry budget and staff.

    Education/Background Requirements

    1. Bachelor or Master’s degree from an accredited seminary institution.
    2. Previous ordination not required, but the candidate must be able to fulfill the biblical requirements of a pastor/elder and be ordained by a Southern Baptist church.
    3. Experience with leading and overseeing people in a comparable setting.

    Essential Characteristics, Skills, and Theological Convictions

    1. Meet the biblical characteristics and qualifications for an elder/pastor/overseer given in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must be a pastor with music and worship leadership capability.
    2. He must be above accusation in his character and conduct, as well as his commitments to his family
    3. He must affirm the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture and able to teach sound doctrine.
    4. Must affirm, lead, and teach in accordance with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000
    5. Strategic thinker, careful planner, excellent communicator, diligent worker.
    6. Demonstrates a heart of service and humility in excellent interpersonal relationships.
    7. A trusted, proven leader with a servant’s heart and demonstrated commitment to functioning in a high-performing team.
    8. Vocal and musical ability.
    9. Skilled in choral, vocal, and instrumental direction.
    10. Skilled in the use of technology in worship (i.e., sound, lighting, computers, Planning Center, ProPresenter, and video projection).
    11. Willing to learn new technology and equipment for use in church and worship ministry.

    Initial Questionnaire:

    We are excited to learn more about each candidate and discover the person God has selected for this position. In addition to your resume, please provide your responses to the questions below. Please email your resume and the responses. Include the words “Worship Pastor” in your subject line.

    Tell us about your salvation experience.

    1. Provide an example of how your position as worship pastor connects to pastoral care.
    2. Please share your calling by God to worship ministry.
    3. Share an illustration of how you prepare for a worship service.
    4. Describe a time where you faced a challenge from either a staff member or a member of the congregation; include how you overcame the issue and what you learned from it.
    Application closes: January 31, 2022

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