Youth Director Full Time

@ Wallace Presbyterian Church
  • College Park, Maryland View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: 12 November 2021
  • Application closes: 28 February 2022
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    Job Description

    Wallace has been without any formal staff for youth since 2019. In 2021, Wallace called a new Senior Minister and wants to add this new staff position no later than the summer of 2022 to both meet the current needs of our youth and to build for the future as well.

    1. Describe a situation you really enjoyed (or a “success” story) and a situation that was messy and difficult that didn’t work out as you planned while working with parents of youth, a coworker, or a boss.
    2. In your experience looking back, what are 1-2 assumptions about youth ministry/culture that you once held but have now changed? In other words, what perspectives of youth ministry have changed for you over time?
    3. What are your thoughts on the role of technology/social media in the lives of youth?
    4. Describe your approach to organizing volunteers for youth ministry in a church and equipping them to serve. What are 1-2 strengths and weaknesses you’ve learned about yourself in this approach?
    5. Where do you see yourself needing help and where do you feel the most confident in organization and administration of youth ministry? In teaching and equipping?

    General Requirements
    A heart for youth and youth ministry.
    Desire to work closely with the Senior Minister to develop and align the vision and mission of youth ministry with the church.
    Preferred college degree or at least 5 years in related experience
    Adherence to Westminster standards.
    Regular attendance at Wallace worship services, including Sunday morning and evening services.
    Big Picture Responsibilities
    Oversee, develop, and direct Wallace Youth Ministries, including middle school (7-8th grade) and high school (9-12th grade).
    Set a yearly calendar of all Youth-related activities from major events and retreats to weekly youth group meetings.
    Recruit, organize, and equip volunteers as needed for related activities.
    Regularly participate in the teaching rotation of Youth Ministries (Sunday School, youth group, and other).
    Coordinate annual teaching schedule of volunteers.
    Cultivate personal ministry to youth by leading Bible studies and scheduling 1-1 meetings with youth.
    Spiritual Development and Formation of Youth and Youth Ministry
    Regularly pray for God’s blessing and provision for ministries to youth.
    Function as the primary staff person relating to youth.
    Work towards establishing a team or “core” group of volunteers and leaders to facilitate ministry to Wallace youth.
    Minister to Youth through the avenues of large group, small group, and 1-1 meetings.
    Plan and implement regular age-appropriate teaching and activities for youth.
    Communicate with oversight elders to families of youth and visit homes when necessary.
    Offer a Youth Ministry Update to the Wallace Session during monthly meetings.
    Encourage youth to participate in regularly scheduled worship services and other facets of the life of the church, including music, educational opportunities, youth activities, service projects, etc.
    Provide initial counseling with youth and their parents. This includes understanding when the need exceeds his or her counseling capability and referring the family to the family’s oversight elder.
    Service and Outreach: to Wallace, the Community, and the World
    Consistently teach “love of neighbor” and encourage Wallace youth to invite their friends to appropriate functions of youth group, thus creating a culture of “love of neighbor” among Wallace youth.
    Visit, on occasion, local schools, extracurricular activities, and sporting events of Wallace Youth.
    Generate at least two opportunities of service for Wallace youth to the community a year.
    Regularly lead the youth in short-term missions experiences (alternating between local, domestic, and international) at least every two years.
    Provide opportunities for youth to explore potential callings to ministry or missions.

    Administration, Communication, and Planning
    Maintain database of youth and parents.
    Notify the Session prior to all unforeseen and untimely absences from regularly scheduled events, and provide a suitable substitute in the case of anticipated absence
    Recommend a budget for Wallace Youth Ministries to Stewardship Committee annually.
    Manage the disbursement of budgeted funds for Youth Ministry within the guidelines of the
    approved budget and in adherence with the purchasing policies of the church.
    Be in contact with office staff and provide a timely and accurate schedule of Youth activities.
    Keep the congregation informed of youth events by coordinating the publicity for youth activities through the appropriate vehicles provided by the church. (e.g. monthly newsletter, special mailings, posters, bulletin announcements, website, etc.)
    Ensure that appropriate background checks have been conducted on volunteers who are
    attending events.
    Continue to work with other local church youth directors to arrange for youth to meet together for fellowship and/or service.
    Maintain some regularly scheduled office hours in order to be accessible to youth, parents, staff and the leadership of the congregation.
    Attend training or youth leader conferences for personal growth and development and to stay informed on new and effective ways to implement Youth Ministry.
    Must possess a valid driver’s license and be insurable by the church’s carrier.

    If you’re interested in applying for this position, please email the following information
    1. Résumé
    2. Answers to questionnaire
    3. Cover letter as to why you are interested in this position.
    Application closes: February 28, 2022

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