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    Job Description

    Macedonia Christian Church is seeking candidates to fulfill the role of part time youth pastor.  This person will oversee, grow, and coordinate Middle School and Senior High School youth ministries.  The primary focus will be to coordinate with volunteers to develop programs and minister to approximately 25 middle school and senior high students.  The youth pastor will report directly to the senior pastor and or elders.


    1. Planning, coordinating, and recommending the curriculum and resources needed for the church’s youth ministry.
    2. Building trusting relationships with the youth of Macedonia which lead to the opportunity for open discussion and sharing the Gospel.
    3. Maintain regular communication with the parents of the youth, church staff & leaders.
    4. Lead Youth Group, Sunday evenings 6 -7:30 pm
    5. Work with, and under the direction of lead pastor and elders.
    6. Maintain an approximate average of 20 hours a week
    7. Serve May 2021-August 2021

    Candidate Qualities:

    Creative and outgoing:   Creativity will be a necessity to keep and maintain the attention of a varied age group.

    Self-Worth:  Confidence of your salvation and Faith.

    Teamwork & Leadership: The ability to be confident in your decisions while at the same time working well with others and considerate of differing opinions.

    Quality:  While we want to see the multitudes accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we don’t want to measure success in numbers.  But rather we want to see the quality of their spiritual development – pre and post acceptance.

    Love:  Compassion, concern and care for others from all backgrounds of life.

    Excitement: Strive to create an environment that attracts youth and families, both members and non-members.

    Mission: We express our faith particularly to those in need.

    Safety:  Trustworthy leaders for our youth and fostering a welcoming environment in which youth feel safe asking questions and seeking support and guidance.

    Discipleship: Grounded in the foundations of Christian faith and able to communicate our faith effectively and confidently with others.

    We do not anticipate any candidate excelling in all of the aforementioned qualities.  But rather these are examples of qualities we will look for when awarding this opportunity.

    $5,000 scholarship opportunity!!!  May- August 2021 

    Complete job description available upon request.

    Application deadline closed.

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