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    Job Description


    The mission of the CGS Youth Ministry is: assisting the our covenant kids to navigate successfully towards mature Godly independence, in Christ. Our heart’s desire is that they reach adult Christian maturity by graduation, and are thereby equipped to begin God’s missional and redemptive work.

    The Youth Associate* assists our Youth Ministry Director in all aspects of that pursuit, as it applies to students in grades 6-12. * Depending upon experience and qualification this position will either serve as an internship, or an assistant director role.


    Youth ministry is demanding — the Middle and High School years are tumultuous, turbulent, and trying. But they can also be extraordinarily formative and empowering. Our Youth Ministry at CGS recognizes the hazards as well as the opportunities that characterize this crucial period of life, and this recognition shapes the expectations placed upon the Youth Intern:

    The fundamental aspect of the Youth Intern role is relational: the pastoral staff at CGS expects that individual to pursue Gospel-mediated heart renewal among our youth. This requires an energetic emphasis upon relationship-building.

    We recognize — and actively encourage — the intern to craft her “work-week” hours to reflect the importance of meeting frequently and repetitively with our youth: off-campus in public venues, at/during students’ school activities, intersecting students’ recreational lives, etc. We are not tasking the intern with working in excess of 40 hours weekly on average, but we recognize (and in fact expect) that those hours will be distributed beyond the “9-5” time frame and will not be bound to conventional “office” rhythms.

    The uniquely relational nature of these work responsibilities are such that CGS will be dependent to a significant degree upon the intern’s personal accountability and sense of independent responsibility.

    Some of our specific expectations which reside within the Youth Associate’s purview include (but are not limited to):

    Being much with Christ, to be pouring out, you must be filled up. Growing in your relationship with Christ is central in ministry.

    Modeling within one’s daily life a sense of Godly grace and repentant humility.

    Relating to our students in ways that allow them to feel loved, cared for, challenged, nurtured, and encouraged in Christ.

    Building relationships with the parents of our students: providing an audience for parental concerns, and becoming an ambassador to those parents on behalf of the Youth Ministry and CGS.

    Assisting the Director in teaching, and/or recruiting teachers for the ministry.

    Assisting the Director in identifying, training, mentoring, and supporting intramural leaders selected from within the older members of the youth ministry


    Reports to:

    The Lord Jesus Christ (for ultimate accountability)The Chief of Staff of The Church of the Good Shepherd (for job description and policy decisions). The Youth Director (for immediate supervision and performance evaluation).

    Has reporting to him/her: Volunteer youth leaders.


    If the applicant has already been a part of an internship, she will continue to grow in these areas, but can also have certain training focused to their choice.

    If the applicant has not been a part of an internship:

    The Youth Intern, over the course of the internship, will receive instruction in:  A robust form of philosphy of ministry. Foundational training in teaching the of the Word of God.Age-appropriate approaches to conflict resolution among middle/high school students. How to foster and nurture organic relationships among youth How to recruit and trains Community Group (small group) leaders Reading and discussing books and scripture, for ministry edification

    V. TERMS:

    Hours: 40 Hours Per week. As noted above, but we recognize (and in fact expect) that those hours will be distributed beyond the ordinary “9-5” M-F time frame, and will not be bound to conventional “church office” rhythms.

    Salary: TBD annually

    If interested please email to J.T. Hoover

    Application deadline closed.

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