Youth Pastor Part time

@ First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado View on Map
  • Denomination: American Baptist
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Salary Range: $24,000
  • Date Posted: 6 March 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

Objective of role: A pastoral presence focusing on our youth while providing: sincere caring, involved listening, thoughtful guidance, enthusiastic encouragement, open-minded interactions, and real connection intended to foster the teen’s development, provide a safe adult for teens to confide in, encourage the teen’s spiritual journey, and provide an opportunity to engage in the life of our church.

The Youth Pastor will display a positive and up-beat persona that will present a safe and welcoming presence where teens, parents, and other members can engage and find appropriately confidential interactions. The Youth Pastor will be seen as a “team player,” displaying a non-confrontative approach to teens, parents, staff, and other members who have differing views on issues and topics. The Youth Pastor will be a teaching presence ready to provide knowledge, support, and encouragement to all those involved in the Youth Ministry program. The Youth Pastor will display an outward presence that is indicative of Kingdom of God principles and be confident in representing good Baptist understandings as defined by the Four Fragile Freedoms (see our website:

The Youth Pastor is accountable to the congregation through the Senior Pastor. The position is subject to an annual performance review by the Senior Pastor by September 30.

Specific Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities:

  • Effectively lead Youth Sunday school each week (Grades 6-12) with the objective of teaching and listening to teens as they engage with the topic and curriculum presented
  • Effectively organize, plan, and communicate all programs and needed information to the teens, their families and the wider church
  • Effectively, authentically, and honestly find ways to personally engage with each individual in the group regardless of their involvement, interest, or compatibility
  • Assess and take action to determine and then address the needs of the group as a whole and the individuals within it
  • Engage individually outside the church environment with at least two teens per week, ensuring that those with the most pressing needs are prioritized, while maintaining a process that will engage all in the group over a reasonable timeframe
  • Report any concerns, successes, plans, and goals to the Senior Pastor as often as directed
  • Encourage teens to participate in the ministry of the church and engage with other members; while encouraging and equipping them to be active members of the youth group seeking to help one another
  • Seek and stay current on issues that are impacting teens; be aware and conversant in teen communication methods, social environments, and other generational challenges that might be missed by other adult mentors
  • Always foster an environment that is safe physically and emotionally for all of the teens
  • Engage effectively with difficult issues and be ready to overcome personal vulnerability to be an effective mentor regarding challenges such as: suicide, substance abuse, sexuality, parental abuse, bullying, risky life behaviors, etc…
  • Live the life you preach; serve as a mentor that is consistent in the values that you present to others; lead with integrity
  • Present yourself as a Pastor connected with First Baptist Church in a way consistent with our values and keeping out covenant in mind when working or in the community at large (see “Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love Covenant”)
  • Take actions to grow the size of the group with new teens, but not at the expense of nurturing the individual teens who are already involved

Time commitment expectations:

  • Each Sunday from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM present at FBC
  • Present with a teen activity for at least 5 hours each week
  • Available to lead retreats, camp, and mission trips as scheduled through the Senior Pastor
  • Weekly preparation, communication, and planning around 2 hours per week
  • Available for interdiction of “crises” that occur in the lives of teens and their families
  • Participate in meetings with Youth Support functions/Christian Education Team
  • Over the course of 52 weeks, this should average 20 hours per week


  • Must meet safety criteria to work with minors (FBC policy and back-ground check)
  • Must be able to drive and transport teens as authorized
  • Must have education beyond High-School
  • Must have evidence of some training or experience in education, leadership, theological understanding

Salary and Time Commitment:
20 hours per week

Application deadline closed.

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