Youth Pastor Part time

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Job Description

Job Type: Permanent Salaried Position.

Time Required: Minimum 20 hours per week

Length of Service: Ongoing from date of hire

Working Relationships:
Directly Supervised by: Senior Pastor
Works closely with: All Pastors, All Church Staff, Ministry Directors, & all Student Ministries Volunteers

Specific Job Duties:
Youth Pastor
1. Regularly preach and teach the Youth of The Well Church and of our community.
2. Oversee and Shepherd all Student Ministries programs, curricula, activities, and disbursement of funds for supplies and projects, keeping within the budgeted amount.
3. Reply to all pastoral, church office staff and volunteer emails, texts or phone calls preferably within the same day, but at least within 24 hours.
4. Attend weekly church staff meetings & regularly with Supervisor.
5. Be available to Student Ministry leaders and volunteers on Sunday mornings and at other times for counseling, guidance, and support.
6. Coordinate communication about the Student Ministries to the congregation, ensuring that all appropriate Student Ministries Flyer/Announcement Forms have been completed and submitted in a timely manner.
7. Provide a minimum of 20 hours per week of dedicated Student Ministry services.
8. Maintain weekly education attendance records for annual reporting.
9. Facilitate and oversee a regular Sunday School programs and separate Youth Group Meetings for students who are within the junior high and senior high age groups.
10. Assure that curriculum materials, equipment, and other supplies are available; assure that equipment, classrooms, and supply rooms are inventoried and maintained.
11. Plan, oversee and provide monthly Student Ministry activities/events.
12. Recruit and coordinate all Student Ministry volunteers, including: screening, background checks, and scheduling.
13. Conduct Student Ministries Team Meetings with Student Ministries Leadership Team for training, planning, team building, ministry support and the dissemination of important information.
14. Plan events in which the Student Ministry can be made visible to the congregation and/or community.
15. Promote, organize and oversee Annual Summer and Winter Youth Camps. Encourage registration and volunteers.
16. Conduct or facilitate annual training for all volunteers regarding abuse prevention, classroom management, and teaching strategies.
17. Provide stats on attendance for annual report and feedback on annual budget.
18. Other Duties as assigned by Supervisor.

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