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  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: 27 April 2021
  • Application closes: 31 July 2021
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    Job Description

    The primary role of the Youth Ministries/ Media Director is to direct and oversee the youth ministries of Trinity Church in such a way that families are strengthened and encouraged in the Christian faith and that that children, teenagers, and families come to know Jesus Christ. They will also create and oversee aspects of the church’s media platforms and online presence.

    Accountability Relationships

    1.Relationship to Senior Pastor: Like all staff, the youth ministries director serves under the leadership of the senior pastor.

    2.Relationship to their Executive Pastor: The Executive Pastor offers guidance and provides accountability to all staff. As such, the Executive Pastor is the Youth Ministries Director’s direct report and helps to set goals, organize the Sunday and Youth Group curriculum, and set regular coordinating meetings. The Executive Pastor will provide performance reviews and evaluations at least annually.

    3.Relationship to the Pastoral Staff: Relationships of friendship, collegiality, and accountability are to be expected among the church staff. The youth ministries director is to attend regular staff meetings.

    4.Termination of employment: The youth ministries director serves under the direction of the executive pastor, who, with the support of the senior pastor and in consulation with the Session, may terminate the position.

    Ministry Responsibilities

    The ministry of the Youth Ministries Coordinator focuses on two key areas: youth ministries, defined as 4th-5th grade, middle & high school, and Media director, defined as creation and oversight of “media” outlets for Trinity Presbyterian Church.These areas entail several specific ministry responsibilities. These responsibilities are subject to change and review in conjunction with the Executive Pastor’s approval and do not include every aspect of the position, which may require modification or expansion according to the church’s needs:

    Youth Ministries

    1.Plan and promote minstries to middle & high school students (and their families), including regular youth group meetings, fellowship events, retreats, etc.

    2.Attend and supervise weekly high school and middle school youth groups.

    3.Plan, purchse, distribute, and review curriculum for the middle & high school Sunday School classes.

    4.Work with Sunday School volunteers to make sure that teachers know the curriculum they are to teach, have the tools and training to teach the students effectively, and to meet regularly (at least twice a year is recommended) to review progress and assess any challenges.

    5.Report any Sunday School volunteer needs, concerns, or problems to their supervisor, who shall assist in helping addresss these needs and concerns.

    6.Regularly meet with high school students for discipleship and fellowship.

    7.Help with 4th and 5th graders in our transitional Sunday curriculum to prepare them for youth ministry, and provide quarterly events to connect with youth and families.

    8.Have contact with and have occasional involvement with local University Ministry leaders (InterVasity, Reformed Univeristy Fellowship, etc).

    Other Responsibilities

    1.Maintain youth, and family contact information in the church database. This database is to be used for recording attendance, and contacting teachers, volunteers, students, and parents.

    2.Communicate regularly with parents and students.

    3.Maintain budgets and budget reports.

    4.Attend the quarterly Ministry Community Meetings (MCMs), and provide updates as requried.

    5.Attend other leadership meetings as needed.

    Media Ministry

    Regarding media, (1) updated design and upkeep of all social media platforms, the church website, Sunday service recordings/ livestream, and other means of “marketing” the church and increasing its visibility.

    1.Help develop strategies and marketing campaigns for Trinity Presbyterian’s worship and events through social media and creative platforms.

    2.Oversee the Website of Trinity Presbyterian Church.

    3.Update photos of church life and events (hiring of a photographer quarterly); help create and upload videos centered on church life and events.

    4.Develop, implement and manage the social media ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church, including updating and “boosting” social media posts for services and events as needed.Craft thoughtful & engaging posts to Church Facebook & Twitter pages. Create effective social media advertisements

    5.Learn and develop new social media marketing tools, keeping up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.

    6.Keep the church website current and make improvements where necessary.

    7.Provide oversight, encouragement, care and training to those who volunteer in the media ministry. Recruit and develop new volunteers.

    8.Develop podcasts , videos, and other means of promoting teaching beyond Sunday morning and weekly bible studies.

    9.Provide Graphics for Church Ministry Areas (Children, Youth, Adult Ministries, Office, etc)

    10.Record, edit and present events (as needed) to various online services and sites.

    11.Advertise and upload all events to media formats as needed.

    12.Perform Periodic Design & Layout Changes.

    13.Design & Order Church Promotional Items.

    14.Work with the Executive Pastor to plan, submit and control annual budget for the medial ministry, as well as controlling spending.

    Job Requirements

    While understanding that church leadership is notoriously difficult to manage, the family ministries director shall work within the following general guidelines:

    1.The work week would normally be 40-50 hours per week, although weeks with more hours may at times be necessary. The youth ministries director is expected to take a day off (as most of Sunday is a work day), and in weeks when this is impossible (or work has exceeded 55 hours), to take an extra day off as soon as possible thereafter.

    2.The youth ministries director shall receive regular holidays and two weeks vacation.

    3.Items purchased for ministry use shall, subject to budgetary limits, be purchased by the church.

    4.Ministry travel (outside of ordinary commuting and local travel) shall be reimbursed by the church.

    5.The Executive Pastor shall review and evaluate the work of the youth ministries director, with the assistance of the Session and other relevant ministry leaders as needed. Formal performance reviews shall be conducted annually.

    6.Willing to participate in a family-based ministry model.

    7.Willing to get training in media/ online latest practices.

    Education & Experience

    1.The youth ministries/ media director should have experience in effective leadership in ministry with youth and teenagers.

    2.The youth ministries / media director should possess at least a bachelor’s degree, and additional studies (especially in ministry or education) is, while not required, a plus. This position could be concurrent with seminary studies or other higher education studies that would align with Youth and/ or Family Ministries.

    3.The youth ministries / media director needs a proven track record of effective ministry and sound character.

    4.The youth ministries/ media director will be required to be a member (or associate member) of Trinity Church.

    5.Ordination is not a requirement, nor is this is not an assistant pastor or associate pastor position.Nor is this is not an ordination track opportunity.

    Please send your CV’s to Rev. Mark Swanson by email

    Application closes: July 31, 2021

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