St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

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About St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

St. Columba’s is “a welcoming Christian community of all ages that encourages spiritual curiosity, celebrates children and youth, and embraces the world in the spirit of God’s justice and love.” Located in upper northwest Washington, D.C., this is the largest parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington with an ASA of 575 and annual budget of $3 million.

With a new vision and strategic plan, the people of St. Columba’s are committed to practice faith in daily life, equip parishioners to embrace discipleship, and grow personally in our relationship with God. Building upon a long history of nourishing the spiritual life, we have fully embraced Jesus’ Way of Love – to turn, pray, worship, learn, go, bless, and rest – as a path to discipleship. As a community of all ages, our ministries of fellowship and pastoral care are designed for support and celebration in every season of life, especially during times of transition or crisis. Principal worship on Sunday is celebrated with all ages in four or five services in a variety of liturgical styles. Lively, participatory, innovative, musically rich and diverse with a balance of traditional and new, worship is at the heart of our common life in Christ.

St. Columba’s is entering a season of new vision and creativity. Building upon our strong foundation, we are called to a new adventure in discipleship. We seek to live into the future God has for us, and to incarnate our God-given potential as individuals and as a congregation. For more information visit our website and recent strategic plan