Frequently Asked Questions

Once you apply for a job online, an immediate confirmation will appear on the screen for a few seconds with a success message. Followed by an email to your registered email with a confirmation of the same.

You can upload a profile picture that will appear on your application presentation. To upload your profile picture sign in to your account. Select the “Dashboard” option in the tool bar and in the dashboard you will find the ‘Update Photo’ option under the Profile picture. You can upload your photo by clicking the ‘Update Photo’ button.

Your Profile contains a collection of professional and personal details that is displayed in your job application and presentation. Go to your dashboard to get started. ‘My Profile’, ‘My Resume’ are two important sections you dont want to miss. And oh wait – did you upload your profile picture?

A full list of available jobs are listed in the ‘Find Jobs’ page at https://www.redletterjobs.com/job-listings/ – newer jobs are also found on the home page.

You will need a resume to apply for a job on redletterjobs.com and that can be done in the ‘My Resume’ page in your Job Seeker dashboard – you will also need to complete your profile under ‘My Profile’ page.

Resume can be updated from the ‘My Resume’ page in the Job Seeker Dashboard.

Some employers prefer to view the information on your resume in this order: Contact details. Mission statement. List of key skills. List Educational qualifications. Employment history/volunteering/Internship. References.

All jobseeker accounts are free with premium features!

Yes, you can add your sermon/music videos in Youtube formats (first upload your file to youtube.com) under ‘My Resume’ section in your jobseeker dashboard. Churches love to review your video file. Don’t forget to add your resume and your experience, education information in this page as well.

You can view how your profile will look to an employer/church. To take a look – signin to your account and in your dashboard select ‘My Profile’ and on this section top right in line with the title My Profile you will see a link called ‘What do employers see?’ – this will open a popup on how your profile looks to an employer. So make sure you complete your profile and resume to present your application well.

No, currently there are no options to search for a resume or profile on redletterjobs.com due to elevated privacy check. However an employer will be able to see your resume (if available) and profile if you apply for a job.

Yes, you may delete your account anytime from your jobseeker dashboard under the ‘Account Settings’ option – you will need to renter your account password to delete your account in this process. Once deleted your account cannot be restored and a new account will need to be created if you choose to use redletterjobs.com again. Employers choosing to delete their accounts can send a request to close their accounts by contacting us at [email protected]

No, once deleted accounts cannot be revived or restored. You will need to create a new account to use redletterjobs.com services.

Register as a Job Seeker and/or signin into your Job Seeker account. Complete the ‘My Profile’ and ‘My Resume’ ssection in the dashboard. Remeber you will need to upload your resume in the ‘My Resume’ section. And when you find a job you wish to apply, simply select the “Apply Now” button on the job description page. A window will display if you would like to enter a cover letter and display your resume on file. When you are ready click the ‘Apply’ button. Your job application will then be submitted to that employer.

To save jobs that you are interested in, signin to your account. Once you find a job that you want to save, click the heart button to save the job. This will save this job on your account. To view your saved jobs, select the menu option “Dashboard” and then select the tab “Favorite Jobs”.

Signin to your account. Hover your mouse over your name on the top right part of the site, and select “My Profile” in the drop-down menu. Fill as much information as possible. Once done dont forget to complete the ‘My Resume’ page in the dashboard menu. Both My Profile and My Resume is what completes your information to be presented well to the employer.

Once signed in you will be able to send the employer/church a message by clicking the ‘Send a Message’ button found on the job description page or the employer/church page. However, some employers/churches may require you not inquire after the application is made. Please read the job description.

We do not disclose information to any third party unless mentioned in our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy can be accessed at https://www.redletterjobs.com/privacy-policy/

Please contact us at [email protected] with your question, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sometimes the email may have been accidentally flagged as spam. Try looking for it in your spam folder. And add [email protected] to your whitelist in your email settings. If that doesn’t work, Contact Us at [email protected]

Sometimes the email may have been accidentally flagged as spam. Try looking for it in your spam folder. And add [email protected] to your whitelist in your email settings. If that doesn’t work, Contact Us at [email protected]

No, Jobseeker and Employer are two separate accounts. Please create a second account with a new email and as a employer to post jobs.

RedLetterJobs.com is free to access. There are no charges for a jobseeker to create an account or to apply for jobs. However employers and/or job agencies pay a fee to post jobs more info on the pricing is found at https://www.redletterjobs.com/pricing/

Your username should be the email address used to set up your account. If you still face difficulties please contact us at [email protected] with your information. For forgotten passwords – On our Sign In page or on the popup, you will see the ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click on this link and enter the email address associated with your account. Click ‘Submit’ and we’ll send you instructions for resetting your password. Sign in page is locate at https://www.redletterjobs.com/signin-signup/.

Your username should be the email address used to set up your account. If you still face difficulty please contact us at [email protected]

Try clearing your browser cookies, if that does not work please contact us at [email protected].