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    Job Description

    About the Lead Pastor:

    We are seeking a Lead Pastor to carry on the values of Little Rock Church while working to make disciples for Jesus Christ. The Lead Pastor will be the teaching shepherd for this body of believers, with primary responsibility for teaching God’s Truth. He will provide leadership with the elders and pastoral staff, assisting the elder board to guard the doctrine of the church from error, and helping each person to grow to spiritual maturity.

    The Lead Pastor’s Responsibilities Include:

    • Prayer: Pray diligently for and with the church community and staff. Identify members who need prayer as well as those who will engage in regular prayer for the body.
    • Vision: Collaborate with LRC leaders and members to create our vision and goals. Ensure communication and planning flow from this vision.
    • Discipleship: Help LRC develop and maintain a focus on discipleship locally and globally, primarily through house churches.
    • Leadership: Hire, train, supervise and support the staff and ministry teams as they oversee church ministries. Guide staff in goal setting, leadership development, and spiritual direction. Work alongside the Leadership Team in implementing church structure.
    • Preaching: Make scripture applicable to daily life by equipping the body for ministry through Biblical preaching and by engaging a preaching team.
    • Corporate Worship: Work alongside the worship team to assist in planning meaningful personal and corporate worship that brings people into the presence of an awesome and Holy God. Coordinate with the worship leader, staff, and members in sharing testimonies, reading scriptures, as well as special events.
    • Shepherding: Exemplify compassion and love to all people and give pastoral counsel, as needed. Guide house church leaders, our family-based youth minister(s), and others in the church to give care to those in need. It is understood that the lead minister is not able to provide direct care for every person and may refer individuals to church leaders, other church members, or professional resources.

    What You Bring:

    Education & Experience

    • Seven plus years experience in effective Biblical teaching, preaching in a pastoral/ministry role focused on discipleship and equipping.
    • Bachelor’s Degree is required.
    • A seminary degree or equivalent education is required.
    • Documented track record of leading, equipping, and working with the ministry team members, other staff, and volunteers.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Experience with small groups (house churches) as a key strategy for church growth and discipleship.
    • Ability to recruit, train, develop, and motivate people for leadership and the church community for hands-on ministry.
    • Effective and efficient communicator with staff, leadership, and the body through sermons, staff communication, and one on one.
    • Highly relational interpersonal skills, demonstrating authenticity, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for ministry and people.
    • Strong leadership skills including the ability to develop and articulate a mission/vision, build support, and engage the church community and surrounding community in fulfilling its purpose.
    • Ability to partner and collaborate with staff and church leadership and to develop goals and execute plans to achieve them.

    Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

    • Evidence of a committed, mature, and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • A passion for discipleship.
    • Be an excellent communicator of God’s Word.
    • Be Biblically sound.
    • Have the heart of a Shepherd for the congregation and the community.
    • Energized by being around people.
    Application deadline closed.

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