Student Minister Full Time

@ Centerville Christian Church
  • Centerville, Indiana View on Map
  • Denomination: Non - Denominational
  • Job Category: Children’s Ministry
  • Date Posted: 23 September 2022
  • Application closes: 31 December 2022
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    Job Description


    The minister of youth will direct and lead the student ministries of Centerville Christian Church. This includes oversight of all discipleship ministries from Grade 6 through College. He will work closely with other Next Gen and Family Ministries staff and leaders. He will give pastoral leadership to families with teens/young adults and build/lead programs that seek to strengthen their commitment to Christ and His church and promote participation in the body of Christ. He will give special attention to Students (grades 6-12) and their families.  He will serve other ministries as needs and interest arise.  He will seek in his philosophy of ministry to heed the greatest commandment, which is to love God and love people with head (mind), heart, and hands (strength).


    1. Must share the ministry vision values as set by the senior minister and elders.
    1. Must be committed to the core values of CCC staff which include:


    • Must set an example of service by consistently serving others.
    • Must engage in church-wide community service opportunities.
    • Must be committed to placing the needs of the team (church staff and volunteer staff) ahead of self.
    • Must be committed to cultivating team ministry and equipping volunteers to serve.


    • Must demonstrate leadership, effective people skills, and a consistent desire and ability to train and liberate others to minister. 
    • Must be a real team player who thrives on interaction and works well with others.


    • Must be consistently present in regular CCC worship, fellowship, and study opportunities.
    • Must lead by example in doing the things he asks others to do.


    • Must manage his own household well, love his wife (if applicable) as Christ loved the church, and bring his children (if applicable) up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
    • Must be above reproach in his dealings with the community.
    • Must not be motivated by any desire for personal glory or status. 
    • Must demonstrate transparency, integrity, consistency, and truth in his ministry.


    • Must diligently seek a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord. He will develop character by being committed to being a student of scripture, a man of prayer, and pursuer of righteousness as a man of integrity.
    • Must be continually pursuing personal growth in Christ and exercise of personal gifts and abilities.
    • Must be committed to life-long learning as he seeks to be an expert in his field. This will include but is not limited to regularly reading materials related to his role as well as conferences at least once every two years.

    Specific responsibilities:

    1. Develop, promote, and coordinate a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry to students (grades 6-12).
    • Create outreach programs, activities, and events.
    • Plan spiritual growth programs, activities, and events that include opportunities for students to worship, fellowship with each other, engage in Christian service and outreach, and learn Bible truths and apply them to their lives.
    1. Recruit and train adult leaders to help you fulfill your purpose.
    • Offer and promote support and training for parents.
    • Connect students with older, Godly mentors which you are equipping.
    • Build your team with consistent training and equipping.
    • Duplicate yourself via training of key student and adult leaders.
    1. Build and maintain relationships with students and adults, both churched and unchurched.
    • Meet regularly with students from the church.
    • Seek out opportunities for interaction with unchurched students.
    • Seek out opportunities to be visible and participate in the lives of both churched and unchurched students at schools, sports events, and in the community.
    • Work directly and consistently with Well 4:14 after school program to integrate lost students into the kingdom, establishing discipleship with them, and integrating them into the life of the church.
    • Be available for counseling.
    1. Assist with other ministry opportunities as needed based on Spiritual giftings and ability/experience. Examples may include: discipleship, tech, outreach, involvement, etc.


    Application closes: December 31, 2022

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