Discipleship Director Full Time

@ Westminster Presbyterian Church in Muncie
  • Muncie, Indiana View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Discipleship Ministry
  • Date Posted: 7 October 2022
  • Application closes: 31 January 2023
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    Job Description

    The Discipleship Director position is a full-time, salaried position open to both ordained and non-ordained persons. If ordained, the discipleship director would also have opportunities to preach, administer the sacraments, and continue practicing and developing the gifts of their office.

    Interested applicants may submit a resume or CV to Pastor Kris by email.

    I. Responsibilities
    a. Lead the congregation in discipleship, which includes:
    i. Empowering, equipping, and encouraging disciple-makers.
    ii. Promoting and leading the congregation in being discipled and discipling others.
    iii. Helping congregants identify their spiritual gifts, and helping them develop and use their gifts.

    b. Coordinate the work of the Christian Education committee, which includes
    i. Encouraging and equipping volunteers.
    ii. Overseeing:
    1. All Sunday school classes (Adult, youth, and children).
    2. VBS.
    3. Take Root (including Kidz Root and youth d-groups).

    c. Function as the liaison between New Life’s youth leader and the youth and families at Westminster and City Hope.

    d. Oversee small groups, which includes
    i. Encouraging, supporting, and equipping small group leaders.
    ii. Communicating with small group leaders about the church calendar and other necessary items.
    iii. Connecting new people to small groups.
    iv. Working with the Shepherding Commission to ensure small groups are meeting regularly.

    e. Oversee a volunteer couple who will be responsible for setting the environment for young adults to join and flourish in the Westminster community, including supporting, equipping, and encouraging the volunteer couple.

    f. Coordinate the work of the hospitality committee, which work includes:
    i. Scheduling greeters.
    ii. Helping visitors connect to the community at Westminster, including connecting them to a small group and finding a place to serve.

    II. Qualifications
    a. The Discipleship Director shall credibly profess Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior and demonstrate familiarity with and acceptance of Reformed doctrine. The Discipleship Director should be at least broadly Reformed and should be comfortable with the PCA’s particular distinctions.
    b. The Discipleship Director should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; Master’s work or equivalent is preferred.
    c. The Discipleship Director should have particular training and/or experience in spiritual formation.
    d. The Discipleship Director should be able to teach and lead others, particularly volunteers.
    e. The Discipleship Director should be able to identify spiritual giftings in others and should be able to help others develop and utilize those gifts for gospel work.
    f. The Discipleship Director should be willing to live and work in Muncie, Indiana.

    III. Accountability
    a. The Discipleship Director is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
    b. Accordingly, the Senior Pastor will provide regular encouragement, support, critical feedback, and reviews as appropriate or necessary, including an annual review.

    IV. Expectations
    a. The Discipleship Director will model personal spiritual growth through regular practice of the spiritual disciplines, including a weekly Sabbath.
    b. Given the nature of the responsibilities for this position, which often require meetings and gatherings that occur outside normal business hours, the Discipleship Director will work with the Senior Pastor to establish an appropriate work-life balance through his or her daily and weekly schedules.
    c. The Discipleship Director will help promote the culture of discipleship at Westminster by both discipling others and by being discipled by others.
    d. The Discipleship Director shall be an active participant in the life and work of the church.
    e. The Discipleship Director shall actively engage with the other church staff, including attending weekly staff meetings and other staff events.
    f. The Discipleship Director shall attend the quarterly leaders meeting.

    Application closes: January 31, 2023

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