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    Job Description

    Leading students in our church (ages 6th grade to 12th grade) as they grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their relationship with Jesus.
    A) Responsible for coordinating and leading teaching for students
    1) Organize, maintain, and staff student Sunday school classes
    2) Organize, maintain, and staff Wednesday night programming for students
    3) Identify and train teachers for the student ministry, overseeing all teaching to insure faithfulness to the Scriptures and adherence to the church’s beliefs

    B) Responsible for coordinating student ministry activities
    1) Organize activities that build relationships, provide spiritual growth opportunity, and create opportunities for mentorship within the student ministry, such as retreats, mission trips, camps, and service projects

    C) Responsible for empowering parents to lead their students in spiritual growth
    1) Integrate parents into the leadership and teaching of student ministry programming
    2) Provide parents with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to fulfill their role as spiritual leaders to their students

    D) Responsible to communicate and provide student ministry information
    1) Provide constant communication with parents on activities and events
    2) Build relationships with parents to promote their and their child’s involvement in the student ministry
    3) Maintain a strong social media presence, promoting student ministry activities and events

    E) Responsible for the administration of the student ministry
    1) Keep regular records of attendance and other statistics
    2) Identify, train, encourage, and manage volunteers for the student ministry
    3) Build a database of parent contact information from the students who come in and out of the student ministry
    4) Organize and monitor the student ministry budget and resources
    5) Organize and develop a youth band/worship team

    F) Responsible to assist the Family Minister in strengthening church families
    1) Assist the Family Minister in developing activities and events that strengthen the families in our church

    All Staff Members
    A) Assist in preaching and teaching responsibilities
    B) Assist in pastoral care of church members

    A degree from a Restoration Movement college is preferred.

    To apply, please send a video cover letter along with a resume (including references) by email.


    Brian Gover,  Phone: (859) 319-1918

    Application closes: May 31, 2023

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