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    Job Description

    Worship Coordinator Mandate: The Worship Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership in achieving the vision for worship at Inglewood CRC. Working with the pastor, the Worship Coordinator will develop worship services, encourage, and facilitate involvement from a broad spectrum of members.

    It is estimated that this position requires an average of 18 hours per week. To fulfil the above mandate, the Worship Coordinator will perform the following duties:
    A. Planning Worship Services
    1. Prepare the order of worship and meet regularly with the pastor to plan and prepare worship services—including special services (eg. Good Friday, Candlelight Service, New Years Eve).
    2. Make use of technology such as Planning Center, SongSelect, ProPresenter.
    3. Arrange for the music in all worship services, seeking input from other musicians.
    4. Preparing music for participants for rehearsals.
    5. Ensure all worship related content for projection is prepared and communicated to the appropriate people.
    6. Communicate essential information for each service to audio and video technicians and other participants.
    B. Administrative Duties
    1. Schedule all the participants leading worship: in preaching (pulpit supply), music, reading, sound, and multimedia.
    2. Oversee instruments and AV equipment and arrange for maintenance/upkeep or purchase. This includes scheduling piano and organ tuning.
    3. Licensing and reporting to CCLI on song usage.
    4. Continue to maintain and build up a collection of music and liturgical resources for the benefit of participants and planners.
    5. Draft and manage worship budget.
    6. Make recommendations regarding the care of musical instruments, as well as the integration of multimedia, music, and other elements of worship.
    C. Leadership and Leadership Development
    1. Lead weekly rehearsals for worship services.
    2. Participate musically in services a minimum of twice a month.
    3. Recruit and equip all participants leading worship from all demographics: music, reading, sound, and multimedia.
    4. Promote and encourage musical ensembles, such as praise teams, choirs, and instrumentalists.
    5. Be a member of the Worship Committee, provide regular reports, updates and solicit feedback.

    1. Be a disciple of Jesus Christ, have a passion for worship, and have a working knowledge of the Bible and reformed theology.
    2. Possess knowledge of contemporary and historical music as well as music from a variety of cultures.
    3. Able to work well with others.
    4. Be proficient in music and voice and be able to accompany congregational singing on piano and/or organ.
    5. Be experienced in providing direction to members of a worship team.
    6. Have 3-5 years of progressively responsible experience in worship participation and leading.

    Terms of Employment
    1. This position has an initial six-month probationary period concluding with a Performance Review.
    2. Be accountable to the Council of Inglewood CRC and under the direct supervision of the Pastor.
    3. Be a member of the ministry team and participate in regular meetings for the purpose of prayer, sharing ideas and plans, support, and encouragement.
    4. Become a professing member of Inglewood CRC.
    5. Receive an annual review from the Pastor with input from the Worship Committee.
    6. Salary shall be reviewed annually with the Personnel Committee.
    7. Receive an annual amount for professional development and for resources.

    Interested applicants can submit a resume by email.

    Application deadline closed.

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