Director of Family Ministries Part time

@ The Light of Christ Anglican Church
  • Denver, Colorado View on Map
  • Denomination: Anglican
  • Job Category: Family Ministry
  • Salary Range: $23 - $28
  • Date Posted: 12 June 2022
  • Application closes: 30 September 2022
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    Job Description

    Hours:                  20 hours/week

    Salary:                  $23,000—$28,000 annually

    The Director of Family Ministries has primary oversight of ministry to our young families.

    Job Description

    Personal Discipleship

    ·        Must be committed to a growing personal relationship with Christ.

    ·        Value corporate worship and the place of the church community in personal discipleship.

    ·        Invest in healthy relationships with family and friends.

    ·        Take seriously an exemplary Christian life in which love for God translates into love for His people.


    Children (up to sixth grade)

    Oversee (supervise) a robust ministry to children comprising of:

    1)     Discipleship and Christian formation (spiritual)

    2)     Safe, enjoyable activities (emotional and social)

    3)     Intentional selection of curricula that engage the children (cognitive)

    4)     Aiding ease of transition to their upcoming youth phase (at middle school).

    5)     Collaboration with the Rector to ensure good integration of our children within the broader church worship and life.

    Our Philosophy of Ministry to Children

    We believe that children are not just the church of the future. They are the church of the present. God has placed them in two intersecting families – their natural family and spiritual family. We see them in holistic ways; therefore we believe in a discipleship approach that fosters an environment of care for their spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and social wellbeing.

    Desired Outcomes

    Our desired outcomes for the children’s ministry are positive when:

    1)     The children demonstrate familiarity with the main arc of biblical narratives centered on the Gospel.

    2)     The children grow in the knowledge of the Christian way of life stemming from their familiarity with (1) above.

    3)     The children have so much fun at church and/or our various activities that church becomes an inviting environment and forms fond memories for them.

    4)     The children have a sense of belonging in the wider church community (not siloed) because they are active participants in its life and worship.

    Young Parents

    Be a pastoral presence to young parents by (but not limited to):

    1)     Assisting the Sr. Pastor by being a pastoral presence for our young families with a special intention for the young moms.

    2)     Equipping them in their role as primary disciples of their children through beneficial and biblically-aligned resources, avoiding the assumption that young Christian parents are already resourced to do this well.

    3)     Leading the church’s effort to come alongside young parents and couples as they navigate the practical aspects of that stage of life.

    4)     Facilitating a schedule for the young adult gatherings in the church.

    5)     Collaborating with the Rector to maintain integration and a sense of belonging for this generation within the wider church community.

    Our Philosophy of Ministry to Young Parents

    Young parents are entrusted with the noble task of raising little Christ-followers. Some of the biggest challenges facing them in the current cultural and economic climate are often not directly “spiritual,” but rather figuring out how to navigate all the logistics and responsibilities of that stage of life and still fit in spiritual activities. We most serve this generation when we can walk alongside them in the practical aspects of that stage as much as a church family can do, in addition to the spiritual elements.

    Desired Outcomes

    Our desired outcomes for ministry to young parents and adults are positive when:

    1)     Young parents feel resourced as spouses and empowered to be disciplers of their children.

    2)     They see the church as a helpful community for them in the practical matters of life as young parents.

    3)     They feel connected to friendships with others around the same stage of life, as well as cross-generationally.

    4)     They continue to be participants and leaders in the overall life of the church.

    Tasks and Routines

    These tasks are not exhaustive. They are only to provide direction as to how to think about the role in general.


    ·        Oversee the children’s ministry team (Children’s Ministry Coordinator, volunteers, and any interns), and support the smooth and safe execution of children’s ministry.

    ·        Connect with new families with a view to familiarize and integrate them into the life of TLC.


    ·        Pastoral check-in on young families.

    ·        Resource our young parents/couples and children in Christian discipleship.

    ·        Participate in staff meetings (twice a month).


    ·        Plan a fun activity or event that involves the children outside of a Sunday morning (e.g., picnic, park day/play dates, excursion, games).

    ·        Schedule young adult gatherings (approximately twice a month).

    ·        Organize a function either for resourcing or rejuvenating our young couples such as seminars, training workshops, or parents’ night out.


    Minimum Qualifications

    ·        Two years of experience in a related ministry context.

    ·        Bachelor’s degree in a related field (Theology, Education, Childhood Development, etc.).

    ·        Commitment to Anglican Ethos.

    Preferred Qualifications

    ·        More than two years of experience in a related ministry context.

    ·        Master’s Degree in a related field.

    ·        Openness to ordination in the Anglican Diocese of the Rocky Mountains.

    Desired Strengths:

    ·        Pastoral traits.

    ·        Ability to engage young people.

    ·        Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate events.

    ·        Ability to align mission objectives with the wider pastoral vision.

    ·        We also want to know your passion and giftings and how to factor them into this role. We want you to enjoy what you do.

    How to Apply

    Please email your resume with a cover letter to Pastor Donald Nwankwo by email.

    Application closes: September 30, 2022

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