Executive/Associate Pastor Full Time

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    Job Description

    The EP/AP is responsible for the execution of the vision of The Jar under the leadership of the Senior Pastor. The EP/AP is to assist the Senior Pastor in overseeing the life and direction of the church. The EP/AP will align staff, key leadership teams, and volunteers with its mission. The EP/AP will also ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church will responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities.

    1. Support to the Senior Pastor
    * The AP/EP will establish and maintain a strong and effective working relationship with the Senior Pastor.
    * Communicate accurately the vision and values of the Senior Pastor.
    * In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, the EP/AP is responsible for annual development of goals and objectives of the church within the strategic plan and operating budget approved by the Elders and Trustees.
    * Willingness to be trained in the performance of weddings, funerals and teachings as determined by the Senior Pastor.
    2. Staff Supervision and Development
    * Supervising and coaching staff as it relates to day-to-day ministry and operational activities.
    * Responsible to report to Senior Pastor the progress of the staff toward their goals.
    * Facilitates the staff meetings and creates an agenda with the Senior Pastor.
    * Overseeing training and development.
    * Implementing hiring and dismissal process with guidance from the Senior Pastor.
    * Conducting performance evaluations and providing on-going informal feedback.
    3. Administration
    * Overseeing administration of office by working with secretary.
    * Ensuring the church’s technology infrastructure creates efficiencies and allows for continued ministry growth and innovations.
    * Ensure that the facilities and grounds are kept in “newness” condition and provide leadership for hired staff responsible for these areas.
    * Develop budget with the Senior Pastor and trustees that fulfills the vision of The Jar.
    * Establish relationship with Muncie Civic Theater business manager to ensure an effective and healthy partnership between organizations.
    4. Execution of Volunteer Strategy
    * Management and Development of volunteer recruitment.
    * Point leader for all volunteer coaches, leaders and teams.
    * Placement of Volunteers into active serving roles according to their individual talents and gift sets.
    * Respond to requests from staff for volunteers.
    * Follow up and affirm that regular service is defined as at least once a month.
    * Train staff on volunteer care and retention.
    * Creating an environment and a strategy that welcomes new guests and provides clearly communicated next steps toward connection.
    * Developing a systematic and effective effort to connect people into volunteer opportunities and serving roles.
    * Planning and coordinating periodic seminars, retreats, etc. to facilitate growth opportunities.
    5. Communication Flow
    * Responsible for creating an environment that provides two-way communication between the congregation and church leadership.
    * Removing barriers that keep people from connecting.
    * Evaluating messages and materials in the context of guest perspectives.
    * Communicating effectively with partners and attendees.


    The Jar values candidates who are lifelong learners. Proven leadership experience is important, and this individual should be theologically grounded. However, a formal theological classroom education is not a requirement for selection.

    Essential Experience:
    * Minimum of five years in leadership and administration.
    * Proven experience executing and managing people and goals.
    * Proven in managing day-to-day operations of a staff/team.
    * Proven experience in managing staff to high levels of performance and motivation.
    * Proven experience in building effective teams.
    * Familiar with church growth and church health.
    * Familiar with and embraces outward-focused church perspective.

    Essential Qualities:
    * Loyalty and dedication to The Jar’s vision, values and leadership.
    * High emotional and relational intelligence.
    * Spiritually mature Christian with consistent and long-term track record of Christ-like behavior.
    * Effective problem solver; skilled in healthy conflict resolution.
    * Effective collaborator; team player and team builder.
    * Encouraging, motivating, clear and effective communicator.
    * Organizational and information systems orientation.

    Application deadline closed.

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