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    Job Description

    The Pastor will:
    1. Provide spiritual, pastoral and administrative leadership for the congregation and staff.
    2. Work in conjunction with the Session in keeping with the stated purpose, mission, and vision of First Presbyterian ChurchHanford.
    3. Help the congregation fulfill its mission and purpose by providing primary leadership in the areas of preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, and pastoral care.

    The Pastor is called by the congregation of First Presbyterian Church Hanford. This person is accountable to the Session and to the Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest within the Evangelical Presbyterian

    Preaching, Teaching, Prayer and Worship
    1. Be responsible for the overall tenor of worship, and be the primary preacher at Sunday morning worship
    2. Work in collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries and the Worship Ministry Team to prepare preaching schedules in advance and integrate the various seasons in the life of the church, community, country, and world as needed.
    3. Preach dynamic, Biblically and theologically sound sermons. Sermons should be expository and exegetical, rooted in Scripture with strong application to daily life with an authenticity and humility that appeals to believers and seekers alike.
    4. Plan and implement a weekly teaching opportunity that coincides with preaching schedule or current societal issues that provides opportunities for attendees to grasp the truth of the gospel and develop as individual Christians and as the family of faith.
    5. Lead instruction and provide educational experiences to increase theological and Biblical awareness within First Presbyterian Church Hanford, this can include but is not limited to: Church Officer Training, New Members Class, Bible Study, communicants, etc.
    6. Lead the celebration of the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
    7. Conduct weddings and funerals
    8. Approach all work in prayer
    1. Make hospital, home, and office visits, and administer communion to those unable to attend in person as requested assisted by the Session and Deacons.
    2. Provide counseling as needed.
    3. Become acquainted with all church members, attendants, visitors, and inquirers.
    4. Help members get to know each other and have the opportunity to love and support one another in response to God’s call upon their lives.
    5. Provide spiritual leadership for the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. Inspire and encourage the congregation to develop spiritual maturity.
    Leading and Administrative
    1. Moderate meetings of the Session and congregation according to the EPC Book of Government.
    2. Act as head of church staff, delegating tasks as necessary, and giving attention to the personal and spiritual well-being of each staff member by meeting with them regularly.
    3. Provide guidance to the staff and Session in the development of ministry.
    4. Develop and execute an annual training for the Session to gather for the purpose of learning and developing strategic goals for First Presbyterian Church Hanford at each ministry level.
    5. Clearly communicate vision to church leaders and to the congregation.
    6. Encourage all members to discover their gifts and talents and use them to build up and strengthen the body of Christ in love and unity.
    7. Foster a healthy spirit of interaction, cooperation, support, and love among the members of the church, staff, and the Session.
    8. Work with Session members, deacons, and other leaders to enable them to fulfill duties and goals by attending the various monthly ministry team meetings.
    9. Provide guidance for planned activities and services.
    Mission, Outreach, and Community Relations
    1. Support, promote, and participate in the missions’ activities of First Presbyterian Church Hanford.
    2. Invest time as an active member of the greater community.
    3. Equip and empower membership for evangelism through practical teaching and example.
    4. Attend the monthly Kings County Christian Leaders Network lunch.
    Personal and Professional
    1. Engages in regular study beyond that of sermon and teaching preparation.
    2. Is constant in prayer and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    3. Maintains an active prayer/devotional/study life.
    4. Has a passionate relationship with God that drives all other aspects of their life.
    5. Continues to develop professional and theological skills by attending a conference, seminar, workshop or online teaching as appropriate and available.
    6. Seeks regular evaluation of their preaching.
    7. Ensures significant time for family life and maintains personal health and well-being.
    Other Responsibilities
    1. Actively attend to responsibilities and duties of the Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest by attending presbytery meetings.
    2. Present Annual Report
    3. Perform other duties as requested by Session.

    First Presbyterian Church of Hanford
    Attn: PCS – Annette Rajskup
    415 N. Redington Street or PO Box 1185
    Hanford, CA 93230

    Application closes: September 30, 2022

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