Pastor Full Time

@ Grace Presbyterian Church Little Rock
  • Little Rock, Arkansas View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCUSA
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Salary Range: $43,000
  • Date Posted: 3 January 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

Our new pastor will be committed to supporting and advancing the existing ministries and missions of this church. We desire an encourager and motivator who will provide innovative and creative direction and leadership while considering the congregation’s unique character. This person will work closely with the session and committees in planning the future of the church while working to buttress the financial foundation through financial management, funds development, grant writing and developing and implementing fundraisers. In the last 15 years, Grace has gone through challenging times. Several pastoral changes have occurred because of spouse job relocation, personal family problems, and other unforeseeable situations resulting in a lack of stability which caused insecurity about this church’s future. Our current retiring Pastor has been able to provide a consistent, hopeful vision, keeping us focused on our ministry while nurturing a stable, positive and inclusive fellowship among our members. There is a high proportion of volunteerism in the church participating in church ministry and mission. We seek someone who can continue to nurture this environment. We look for an inspiring leader with strong skills in pastoral care, the ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect, a bridge and consensus builder, and last but not least, a teacher of Christ’s life to help each of us strengthen our resolve to do what Christ would have us do in our church and community.

We seek a leader with spiritual maturity, who “walks the walk”, a lifelong learner who can lead us to deeper understanding and commitment to Christ’s message. The candidate will be an effective Worship leader, reflecting a strong understanding of Presbyterian theology and skillful in the inspirational delivery of Christ’s message. They will have the ability to organize and lead a vibrant and meaningful Worship service. Strong pastoral skills will be needed in order to connect and engage with all members of our small congregation, helping to foster inclusiveness and a sense of belonging. A compassionate person is needed who will recognize the attributes and needs of the people within the congregation and help them feel they are important to the success and future of the church. It is desirable that the person can act as an advisor/counselor to whom people may seek guidance and counsel. They will need good administrative, organizational and time management skills. A good candidate will inspire and motivate as they work with the session and committees. They will be willing to nurture our education and spirituality by periodically teaching or organizing classes around a topic or book. It is hoped they will be committed to supporting and advancing our ministries and missions, assisting and supporting church volunteers in their efforts. Experience with various media communications would be desirable–written communications for newsletters, web site information, social media, etc.

The candidate will be devoted to the missions, ministries, outreach efforts, congregational and pastoral care and other core objectives and the overall vision contained in all areas of this form;

* To plan and lead worship, administer sacraments, orchestrate special observances (e.g. Maundy Thursday, Ash Wednesday, etc.) and fellowship activities;
* To preside over other ceremonies involving the congregation, the community and beyond, including weddings, funerals, memorial services, baptisms, etc.;
* To strive to deepen the connections between Grace and other churches in the Presbytery, as well as the institutions they support;
* To effectively manage the daily operations of the church, including supervising and encouraging a staff of three (the administrative assistant, music director and financial secretary);
* To forward and augment the vision of the church through proclaiming the Word of God and developing Christian growth;
* To visit and otherwise care for those in need, to provide counseling for those in pain (in all of its iterations) and crisis, to pray with and for the congregation, the community and those beyond, regardless of residence.
* A robust sense of humor would certainly be a bonus.

Leadership Competencies:
Preaching and Worship Leadership
Spiritual Maturity
Public Communicator
Organizational Agility
Interpersonal Engagement
Bridge Builder

Application deadline closed.

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