God, What Should I Do? (How Do I Know What Christian Career Path to Follow?)

By Tamika Greene

I asked God, “Reveal to me what career you would like me to have to demonstrate my gifts in ministry.” The answer that I received from him, in due time, was that my heart loves writing and innovating. These are my passions. I had to ask God what my career path in ministry should be. I could not expect him to tell me without me asking first. I believe that anything we want from God we have to ask Him for, or we just may not get it. We have not because we ask not (James 4:2).

     God gives me ideas on topics to write about as a blogger, as well as many innovative ideas. I am now learning all that I can in the fields of writing and innovation. Although writing comes naturally for me, I did go back to school so that I can be professionally trained in this area and I have received professional training in innovative practices as well.  Sometimes we do not even need to go back to school because God may give us all we need intuitively.  And he will lead and guide us in the areas he wants us to pursue, whether that includes going back to school or not. 

     I just adore writing faith-based articles, especially on topics that are in my heart or that God gives me. This is a part of using my gift in ministry. I applied for an internship with Red Letter Jobs because I love to write faith-based articles.

When you are called to a job in ministry and you love it, money will not be an issue because you do it because you love it and not for a paycheck. God will definitely take care of the rest. If you are seeking his kingdom and his righteousness first, he will take care of you. Believe me when I say this. I love writing faith-based articles the most when it comes from my heart and it is led by the Spirit. And as I seek his kingdom first and trust Him, he always takes care of me, no matter what.

     Every ministry job does not have to be in a church either or centered around a church building. You can work for a Christian based organization as well in the mission field. For example, if you know God revealed to you that your gift is leadership, you can work as a manager or for the cooperate office of a faith-based restaurant. That could be the place where your ministry lies. This is just an example. There are many other faith-based organizations to work at from the store front to the corporate offices and in between. This list goes on.

 Of course, you can create your own organization to work for as well. That is what I did for my innovative ideas. With most church buildings being closed now, we have to think of out of the box and in innovative ways to work in the ministry anyhow. The internet is the hotspot for most businesses now. And I do not think businesses will ever quite go back to the way they were before. Businesses will open again but they will not operate quite how they used to. The internet and apps have to be incorporated into businesses now, I believe, in order to be the most successful.

          In conclusion, ask God what career path he wants you to have in ministry that allows you to use your greatest gifts and passions. He will reveal those gifts to you. Pray that he shows you where he wants you to work. Ask God using specifics and details. God is in the business of answering detailed prayers.  In all the work that he leads you to do, seek his kingdom and his righteousness first and all these things will be added to you. When you are in ministry working in your career, your main goal should be to seek his kingdom first, not because you want something from God, as he will add to you, but out of obedience to him because you love him. God knows the motives of our hearts and he knows when we are pursuing him to get something from him or when we are pursuing him because we genuinely love Him.

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