Where to Find Job Candidates

By Rebekah Bell

There are many resources available to prospective ministers regarding where to find job postings for ministry positions. But what about churches? Where can they begin to find qualified candidates of good character and reputation out of the thousands of potential ministers? It can seem an overwhelming task. When looking for the right person to fill a position, knowing where to advertise can mean the difference between hours of weeding through candidates that are not qualified in order to narrow down the pool to those who are more qualified.

Red Letter Jobs exists to help churches in these situations find candidates that work for them. Below are some tips for your church’s best chance at finding the right fit for you!

  1. Contact Your Denomination

Many denominations have websites, newsletters, and publications where open positions that have opened up within the denomination are listed. Some of these publications are even local, which can help narrow your candidate pool. Contact your denominational office about these publications and find out what steps your church needs to take to post your job listing with them.

  • Use an Employment Website

Employment websites are increasingly popular for job candidates. Many people looking for a job now begin their search by using a website or search tool. For your position to be found, your church must go where the candidates are. There are many different sites that can be used to post your position. Sites such as Indeed.com provide universal postings. Some sites allow you to post a position for free while others require a fee. In order to narrow your search, use a site such as Red Letter Jobs, which caters to those who are specifically looking for a job in ministry.

  • Contact Seminaries

Most denominations have affiliate seminaries that are willing to post open positions for their students to consider. This is a good route to go as most students in seminaries are looking for employment. Keep in mind that for many students, this will be their first position. Do not, however, let that stop you from considering them. A new minister can be an excellent fit for a church. They are open to new ideas and often have energy and are not jaded or burned out.

  • Ask Around

It is important for churches to exist within a network of other churches. While churches should not gossip about ministry candidates, someone in another church may know of a minister of good reputation who is leaving a church and/or looking for another place to serve God. This is a good route as people within the church can vouch for the minister’s character and commitment to serving in ministry.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it does provide a starting place for churches to begin their search for a new minister. While this can seem daunting, it is also an exciting time as the church waits for God to work and lead their church into the next chapter of their ministry for the Kindom of God.


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