Why Use Red Letter Jobs?

By Rebekah Bell

Finding the right fit for your open ministry position can be overwhelming. There are many “fish in the sea,” so to speak, and churches and Christian organizations are looking for the person God has ordained to lead their ministry. It can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Red Letter Jobs serves to stand in the gap between your posted position and the right candidate.

Why Use Online Job Search Tools?

Online tools widen the search for potential candidates. Whereas print resources find their way into some hands, they are limited to those who subscribe or have access to those materials. In contrast, nearly all homes include at least one electronic device and even if not, a quick visit to a library can provide internet access. People who may not otherwise ever even see your job listing can find it with a simple internet search. Using online tools also cut down on waiting time. Resumes and cover letters can be submitted instantly for your search committee or hiring team to review Online tools also provide an opportunity for immediate contact with potential candidates.

Why Use Red Letter Jobs?

Not all online job search sites are created equal. While many sites allow churches and organizations to post on their job sites, not all provide a targeted reach. Red Letter Jobs is designed to give churches and candidates the targeted match they are looking for. Red Letter Jobs is designed specifically for Christian ministries and ministry candidates to connect with and find one another. This means that those who use Red Letter Jobs are most likely already looking for a job posting just like yours! It narrows the search for both parties and improves your chances of being seen and considered. Red Letter Jobs uses tools to help match the best candidates with the best qualifications to your posted position.


Red Letter Jobs offers an affordable rate for those listing their job openings and the ability for candidates to create free profiles to get found. Packages start at $50 for one job posting and extend to $1499 for up to 50 job listings. With so many options for every budget, Red Letter Jobs is sure to have a package that works for you.


Red Letter Jobs is owned by Christian people who have the same goal in purpose in mind as you – to see the Gospel spread through the world. Red Letter Jobs values its clients and desires to see every position filled. That is why Red Letter Jobs is available to you through chat, email, and by phone to assist you as you navigate the process of filling a job opening.

Easy To Use

Red Letter Jobs website is simple to navigate and easy to use. A church or a candidate can upload their resume or job posting in minutes and begin their journey for the right match!


Red Letter Jobs is not only a job search tool, but also a community. RLJ includes a blog site were potential ministry candidates and search committee members can stay up to date on trends within the ministry community and seek advice about best practices, tools, and training for filling a position or getting hired.

Whatever your needs, Red Letter Jobs is right there to help you. It exists to make the search process easier and less stressful. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our site and services.

Best of luck on your journey. We are praying for you!

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