Assistant Pastor Part time

@ Providence Christian Church in Cape Coral
  • Cape Coral, Florida View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 17 May 2022
  • Application closes: 31 August 2022
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    Job Description

    The assistant pastor duties are in many respects the same as the senior pastor, but to assist the senior pastor in specific areas and to be under the senior pastor’s and session’s authority, guidance and leadership as per the BCO. It is the responsibility of the assistant pastor to focus on their duties, gifts, manage their time, and to delegate well.

    1. Preaching the gospel message of life in Jesus
    a. Preach on average once every 5-6 weeks

    2. Prayer for the flock
    a. Shepherding groups / Youth
    b. Meet regularly with the pastor for prayer

    3. Worship
    a. Lead and participate in Sunday morning worship

    4. Keeping watch and guard over the flock as Shepherd of Youth / Pastoral Care
    a. Evangelize and disciple students personally.
    b. Offer counsel and encouragement to students as they deal with the challenges and
    concerns associated with adolescence. Communicate to the pastor all serious emotional
    and spiritual issues involving youth and parents.

    5. Teaching and equipping to lives of godliness and mature understanding
    a. Oversee the Youth Ministry to students through volunteers.
    b. Lead and recruit adult and college age leaders to assist in the planning and running of
    the youth ministry.
    c. Offer Biblical instruction (along with volunteer leaders) to students involved in the
    ministry through weekly Bible studies.
    d. Manage and oversee the selection of materials for student Sunday School and small

    6. Leadership
    a. Meet regularly with the Pastor for mutual encouragement and vision casting.
    b. Attend and Participate in Staff meetings
    c. Attend and Participate in Session meetings
    d. Create, organize and publicize ministry activities and programs designed to forward the
    goals of the ministry.
    e. Maintain order and discipline with youth at church events.

    7. Study / Theological reading to develop greater depth and breadth of understanding
    a. Apart from Sermon preparation

    8. Conferences and Study Leave
    a. A good conference as needed for encouragement, education and stimulus
    b. General Conference of the PCA as the church is able, is important for the health of our
    pastors, church and presbytery
    c. The relentlessness of pastoral leadership, unlike other professions, requires a sabbatical
    1. A Study Leave or Sabbatical will be required every seven years for a 3-month period
    2. A Study Leave or Sabbatical will be carefully planned in conjunction with the elders
    to include some holiday, a study plan and visiting other churches.

    Application closes: August 31, 2022

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