Director of Student Ministries Part time

@ Southpointe Community Church
  • Nolensville, Tennessee View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Children’s Ministry
  • Date Posted: 10 November 2021
  • Application closes: 28 February 2022
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    Job Description

    Character Qualities:
    1. A man who knows his sin and what it means to repent of it, who knows his Savior and what it means to walk with Him and hope in His grace. A consistent walk with God using the means of Grace: Bible Study, Meditation, Journaling, Accountability, etc., with a dependence on God through Prayer being a high priority.

    2. Gospeldriven, Christcentered, and Reformed in their Biblical application and Christian walk. Must be in agreement with Evangelical Reformed Theology.

    3. Able to work on a team and demonstrate emotional health in how he relates with others.

    4. A deep love and burden for students and their families to know the love of Christ.

    5. A sensitivity to the developmental needs of students as well as an awareness of
    parenting concerns and needs.

    The Director of Student Ministries principle areas of responsibility are:
    1. To recruit, equip, direct, and encourage a Student Ministry Team of adults committed to praying for, evangelizing, and discipling the students at SPCC.

    2. To develop relationships with FCA, Young Life, and Key School Administrators at nearby schools. We would love to see the DSM have a presence at nearby schools.

    3. To develop and maintain an active personal ministry of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship among the high school and junior high students at SPCC and beyond.

    4. To create and provide meaningful retreats and mission/service endeavors which provide for SPCC students to experience Christ and their need for Him.

    5. To potentially get to know key people in the Nolensville Rec. League and be actively
    involved in it.

    6. To invite and cultivate lines of ministry opportunities, needs, and awareness with
    student’s parents through the Student Ministry Team.

    7. To provide leadership and administrative support for ministry and service opportunities for students and their families.

    8. To potentially develop an internship program for youth workers.

    9. To creatively utilize various current social media avenues to connect and communicate with students.

    Specific Tasks:
    1. Oversee Youth Groups: prepare, recruit, organize and provide Scriptural, engaging, and Christcentered teaching and discipling for both high school and junior high students.

    2. Develop and lead Youth Ministry Night at SPCC (Sundays or Wednesdays or both):
    provide teaching, recruit additional teachers and volunteers, prepare and organize worship, etc.
    3. Oversee Youth Discipleship / Small Groups: recruit, support, train, and encourage leaders, while providing Christcentered material, etc.

    4. Serve as the Student Ministry Team Leader.

    5. Shepherd and provide crisis counseling for students and their parents.

    6. Provide communicants training for students desiring to become communicant members.

    7. Maintain student budget in all its aspects: ministry, retreats, and mission funds, etc.

    8. Create and submit a master schedule to the Executive Pastor.

    9. Work together with the SPKids Director to see an encouraging and smooth transition for students from elementary to junior high ministry.

    10. Consistently pray for and share the gospel with unbelievers.

    Work Ethic:
    1. Work week consists of five days (approximately 45 hours). More hours may be
    required as necessary.
    2. Flex days may be awarded at Executive Pastor’s discretion.
    3. Normally, may not be away on a Sunday more than once a quarter.
    4. Generally, it is expected that where youth events are concerned, the DSM is the first
    to arrive and the last to leave.
    5. Supervised by and reports to the Executive Pastor.

    Personal Development
    1. Monthly day of prayer.
    2. If not seminary educated, will be encouraged to take seminary classes overseen by the Executive Pastor. Class schedule and times determined with Executive Pastor.
    3. Must be in a discipleship group for himself, apart from student ministry.

    *If interested, please contact Monte Starkes by email.

    Application closes: February 28, 2022

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