Worship Pastor Full Time

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    Job Description

    Grandview Nazarene is a community of Christian faith— a worshiping, learning, evangelizing, serving community.  Worship is offered to God as a public and corporate expression of our attention, adiration, and affection.  It connects us with God, with one another, and sometimes with the pre-Christian people who join us.  Our next worship pastor/leader will work with existing staff and volunteers to create a weekly worship experience that helps us to experience God and to commune with Him in reverence and joy, expressing our adoration and affection for Him helps us to connect with one another in unity, enabling generations to participate together in heartfelt praise to God;
    helps us to bridge the gap between the culture of the church and that of our pre-Christian guests through the use of forward-looking musical forms, genres, and instrumentation.

    The function of Worship Pastor/Leader will include collaborative work with existing staff to plan sermon series/themes, selection of music for each week’s worship service, leadership of weekly worship services, selection and development of worship musicians and vocalists, leadership of worship team and media team, scheduling and leading rehearsals, pastoral care/discipleship/development of team members, and oversight/development of equipment needed for modern worship.  Occasional events such as outreaches, retreats, holiday services, and collaboration with area churches may require the Worship Pastor/Leader’s involvement and leadership, as well.  Additional responsibilities in the area media may be included.

    Application closes: May 2, 2021

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